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Who Invented Perfume?
The world of perfume is a massive industry that crosses all continents and extends even into remote regions of third world nations where inhabitants want to alter the natural scent of their bodies or their surroundings. The majority of the perfume sold... More »
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The word perfume is used today to describe scented mixtures and is derived from the Latin ... Many great discoveries originates from the region in 10th century, the time when the still was invented,...

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History of Fragrance – Straight from the French Society of Perfumers, follow the development of perfume from the court of the Sun King to the invention of artificial  ...

The Ancient History of Perfume - Perfume.com


Perfumes have come a long way from their origins. While most contemporary scents are produced from synthetic materials, the original fragrances were a ...

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Perfume was first used by the ancient Egyptians, who used fragrant scents in religious ceremonies. They believed that they could communicate with their gods  ...

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Perfume dates back as the Ancient Egyptians, and eau de cologne was invented in 18th century France.

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Nov 9, 2012 ... The Persians invented the distillation process and the philosopher Avicenna was one of the first to apply the principles of chemistry to perfume ...

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Presumably to cover the smell of body odor, as washing so often would have been a grave ... When and why did humans start wearing perfume? UpdateCancel ...

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Jul 31, 2015 ... If you're a perfume aficionado, you probably know the basics of the ... and many believe that they invented the distillation process that led to the ...

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Perfume, or cologne, is a mixture of fragrant essential oils and aroma ... The Egyptians invented glass and perfume bottles were one of the first common uses for ...