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Rapping is "spoken or chanted rhyming lyrics". The components of rapping include "content", ..... Rakim invented it, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One, and Kool G Rap expanded it, but Bigg...

History of Rap - The True Origins of Rap Music - ColeMizeStudios


Sep 23, 2014 ... It's risen to be the most popular music today but how well do you know the history of rap? Join me as I take a stroll down memory lane & revisit ...

The Birth of Rap: A Look Back : World Cafe : NPR


Feb 22, 2007 ... Grand Wizard Theodore was the DJ who invented scratching, utilizing ... Rap as a genre began at block parties in New York City in the early ...

Where did rap come from? - Quora


In old West Africa, tribesmen would deliver stories rhythmically over drum beats, which had a ... components in his signature sound....how did the african american invented rythmic song to call it rap? well africans use drums and other rythmic ...

Rap Music Began on Jamaica in the 1960's - NYTimes.com


Jun 15, 1988 ... To the Editor: ''It's Official: Rap Music Is in the Mainstream'' (news story, May 16) is inaccurate on the origin of rap music. Rap music originated ...

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Jan 1, 2011 ... white people invented rap. Read more. Show less ... Technically, this is the first rap song but not the first hip hop song.. Read more. Show less.

93.04.04: The Evolution of Rap Music in the United States


Rap is an integral part of this subculture that did not evolve or exist in .... Graffiti writing was mainly written with spray paint until the invention of the magic ...

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Nov 27, 2012 ... +Khalif Sarahize rap/hiphop music was created by social engineers from around the world who ..... The Scottish invented rap, it's called flyting..

ESPN.com - E-Ticket: Did Ali invent rap?


The ESPN documentary "Ali Rap" (airing Saturday at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN) is built loosely on the premise that Muhammad Ali unknowingly invented rap music, ...

Rap Music


(Created by Joann Wood, History 135, April 2004) ... How has rap music influenced elements of pop culture such as fashion, art, language and the literary world ...

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Hip-Hop Did Not Begin How You Think It Did | L.A. Weekly


Jun 16, 2014 ... There are plenty of awful college music professors who, attempting to shock their students, float the idea that Bob Dylan "invented rap" or was in ...

History of Rap Music - Plastic Little


Rapping essentially involves the speaking or chanting of rhyming lyrics, often set to a beat. The rhyming created by rappers is considered by many to be one of ...

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But tonight on VH-1's "Where Are They Now" regarding the 1980s, they said, "The Sugar Hill Gang didn't invent rap, but they were the first to ...