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Hair rig


The hair rig is a piece of fishing tackle which allows a bait to be presented without sitting directly on the hook. It is mainly associated with boilies, but works ...

Who invented the hair rig for carp fishing ? - Fun Trivia


Apr 26, 2003 ... Who invented the hair rig for carp fishing - trivia question /questions answer / answers.

Basic Rigs and Tackle - The Carp Fishing Network


The hair rig was jointly invented by English carp anglers Kevin Maddocks and Lenny Middleton. The original concept was to tie a fine piece of line to the bend of ...

Understanding Carp Rigs… Part I | Big Carp News


Dec 10, 2012 ... While some folk will replace a hook or rig after every fish I'm happy to put aside ... Over the intervening years the 'hair-rig' first created by Lennie ...

Len Middleton - Carp-Talk


Created and run by a team of addicted carp anglers, Carp-Talk has been responsible for ... Lenny took it to Darenth, nervously casting out a hair rig set-up. ... He had a screaming run before the allotted time was up and the hair rig was born.

Ontario Carp Fishing made EASY!


How to catch carp in Canada. ... The invention of the hair rig is usually credited to Len Middleton and Kevin Maddox and most internet sites give the date as ...

The best inventions in carp fishing - Articles - CARPology Magazine


Apr 21, 2016 ... The invention of fake baits allowed us to fish previously un-Hair-rig-and-long- distance-friendly baits such as sweetcorn, hemp – even bread.

What's new? Carp Fishing Development | Angling Lines Blog


Feb 14, 2014 ... Probably the biggest invention that changed the face of carp fishing was the 'hair rig', but that's been around now under various guises for ...

Carp Fishing | Carp Fishing Rigs & Methods - Pondip


Here are some carp fishing rigs & tips that might come handy! ... The hair rig ... Thanks Kevin Maddocks or Lenny Middleton, or whoever really invented it!

Carp Rigs - carp krazy


Carp fishing, UK, carp rigs, hair rig, bolt rig, stiff rig, combi rig, snowman rig. ... lead clips widely available these days as all carp rigs should be designed that in  ...

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The Day I Invented the Hair-Rig - www.fishing.co.uk


Sep 1, 2000 ... (Two inches was chosen because the distance between a 20lb carp s lips and its throat teeth is approximately 2 inches). The rig was designed ...

Who Is Lenny Middleton? - Ontario - Carp Anglers Group Forums


Jul 22, 2012 ... Just thought I would share this...It's was over six years ago that Lenny Middleton inventor of the hair rig and legendary carper passed on.

Hair rig - TheCarpCatchers Blog


TheCarpCatchers Blog ~ #hair rig. 3 posts ... Lenny is best know for the invention . ... In 2002 I started to fish the Woolpack lakes in Godmanchester. One of the ...