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Victa is an Australian manufacturer of outdoor garden equipment, this includes petrol & electric ... An early Victa lawn mower. The 'Victa' lawn mower was invented in 1952, in the backyard of Mervyn Victor Richardson in Concord, ... Mervyn had seen Lawrence Hall's 'Mowhall' rotary lawn mower demonstrated in 1948.


Jan 26, 2011 ... The reel-type mowers worked well enough, but it was in 1952 when ... After a few hours work, Richardson had created his first Victa mower ...


Mervyn Victor Richardson (1893-1972), inventor, was born on 11 November 1893 ... This venture gave him his first taste of success and financial security, but the ... had assembled the prototype of the Victa rotary lawnmower from scrap metal, ...


Lawrence Hall, a boat engine builder, invented a rotary blade lawn-mower to cut his parents lawn in 1948. ... An early Victa that could ?turn grass into lawn?


Information about the invention of the Victa mower for kids K - 6. ... Mervyn Victor Richardson invented the first 'Victa' rotary lawnmower in the1950s.


VICTA LAWNMOWER- The Victa rotary mower was developed by Mervyn Victor ... first lawn mower - invented by Edwin Beard Budding in 1830, this helped ...


Victa Imperial 16" | Reel Lawn Mowers, Atco & Villiers etc. | OutdoorKing ... Australian classic lawn mower "VICTA", Invented right here in Australia. WITY A .... The first thing I ever rebuilt, as a kid, was an old Victa lawn mower . My parents were ...


The Victa mower was developed by Mervyn Victor Richardson, in August 1952. While it wasn't the first rotary lawnmower ever developed, it was cheaper, lighter  ...


But more than that is the fact that Victa products are designed, tested and manufactured for ... 1948 Mervyn Victor Richardson is shown the first rotary lawnmower.