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Solomon Harper, an African-American inventor, created the first hair curlers. His model was a thermostatic hair curler, and therefore relied on heat in order to curl hair. He recei...

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[edit]. An electric curling iron. Curling irons, also known as curling tongs, create waves or curls in hair using a variety of different ...

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Jun 17, 2008 ... You will find many references to invented and patented by or introduced by. ... This antique electric curling iron has wooden handles and was ...

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Apr 17, 2013 ... A timeline of the way the curling iron came to be. ... Curled beards, hair, and wigs 1959: The Electric Curling Iron Invented by Rene Lelievre and ...

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Sep 19, 2011 ... A curling iron is a device that curls a woman's hair using heat. But who exactly invented it? This is a question that has a fairly confusing and ...

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The curling iron was invented in 1872 by Frenchman Marcel Grateau, who used metal tongs that were heated over a gas burner. The style he created with the ...

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The first modern curling iron was patented in 1866. The patent was filed by Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim who interestingly was also the man who designed the ...

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The very first hair dryers were vacuum cleaners adapted for drying hair. Alexandre Godefoy invented the first electric hair dryer in 1890. Thermo hair curlers were ...

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Jul 10, 2006 ... History of the curling iron. Is there such a thing or is the curling iron just a modern invention? Each generation is the same. We think we have ...

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The invention of the curling iron is not without debate. While Hiram Maxim is known to have obtained the first patent for a curling iron in 1866, it is Marcel Grateau ...

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Q: Who invented the hair curler?
A: Solomon Harper invented the Thermo Hair Curlers. Read More »
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Q: What year was the hair curler invented.
A: 1846 is when the hot hair curlers were invented. By a man with the name of Solomon Harper. The modern curling iron was invented by Marcel Grateau. Read More »
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Q: Who invented the eyelash curler?
A: William Beldue and his Kurlash Company have the patents in the US and Great Britain for the eyelash curler. William Beldue and his Kurlash Company are responsib... Read More »
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