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The shot put is a track and field event involving "throwing"/"putting a heavy spherical object ... They have sixty seconds to commence the throwing motion otherwise they are banned from the game. ... his first USSR record using a new putting style, the spin ("круговой мах" in Russian), invented by his coach Viktor Alexeyev.


Shot put is an athletics sport where people try to "put" a heavy weighted ball as far as ... It was invented by Parry O'Brian and made famous by Brian Oldfield.


Feb 6, 2014 ... The shot put has been an Olympic event since the first modern olympics in 1896 in Rome. It's a sport that requires technique as well as strength ...


May 5, 2017 ... A brief photographic history of the shot put from its origins in the British Isles over 2000 years ago to the Olympics.


Aug 19, 2010 ... Shot put history can be found to stretch back thousands of years to the ... In modern terms the sport was formalized and became an Olympic ...


IAAF, Discipline, Shot put. ... The Ancient Greeks threw stones as a sport and soldiers are recorded as throwing cannon balls in ... by Soviet thrower Aleksandr Baryshnikov in the early 1970s after being invented by his coach Viktor Alexeyev.


shot put: sport in athletics (track and field) in which a spherical weight is thrown, or put, from the shoulder for distance. It derives from the ancient sport of putting ...


Apr 23, 2007 ... Parry O'Brien, who revolutionized shot-putting technique, won three Olympic ... Get the big sports news, highlights and analysis from Times ...


A History of Track and Field Sports on the Grass and Turf ... Shot put may seem like a uniquely Olympic sport, but it was not introduced to the games until 1896.