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As of 2013, Medicaid is a program intended for those ... Eligibility is categorical— that is, to enroll one must be a ...


Medicaid and CHIP provide health coverage to nearly 60 million Americans, including ... States set individual eligibility criteria within federal minimum standards.


The Affordable Care Act fills in current gaps in coverage for the poorest Americans by creating a minimum Medicaid income eligibility level across the country.


You may qualify for free or low-cost care through Medicaid based on income ... In all states, Medicaid provides health coverage for some low-income people, ...


Medi-Cal is California's Medicaid health care program. ... In order to qualify for this benefit program, you must be a resident of the state of California, a U.S. ...


Find out how to qualify for Medicaid at Healthcare.gov. You can apply for or re- enroll in Medicaid or CHIP any time of year.


If you need Medicaid coverage, and your income is above the Medicaid income guidelines in your state, there are several ways you may still qualify for Medicaid  ...


Medicaid and Long Term Care – Qualifying for Medicaid, Eligibility Requirements , Benefits and Care Services.


Oct 1, 2013 ... In states that expand Medicaid, many low-income parents and other adults will become newly eligible for coverage. Overall, the median ...


There are many different eligibility groups in the Medicaid program, and each one has its own set of requirements. States are required to cover some groups, but ...