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Tickling is the act of touching a part of a body in a way that causes involuntary twitching .... It is unknown why certain people find areas of the body to be more ticklish than others; additionally...

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Jun 16, 2010 ... But a few studies suggest that, men may be slightly more ticklish than women. ... I too think that girls are more ticklish than boys. Reply.

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Girls are more ticklish because their nerves are most sensitive.you cant say that its different with many people.

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Every time I, 15, play tickling fight with my younger brother, 12, I easily ... Pre- puberty yes, basically hormones dull the senses, so before puberty ...

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Jul 19, 2011 ... Who likes being tickled more — men or women? Where are people most ticklish? Here's everything you never knew about these teasing ...

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Two more teammates thought it would be a fun idea to tickle our feet and see who could hold herself up the longest. ... Hi, I am a girl, and my armpits are the most ticklish part of my body. .... I am a boy and normally boys are not ticklish there.

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Feb 15, 2016 ... Wiggly fingers approaching the armpits can elicit giggles from some people. For others, even a feather caressing the toes will bring about no ...

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I don't know how much hard evidence there is, but as a student of massage, I learned a fair bit ... Are boys ticklish? I have some sort of a virus and my throat is ...

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Most people in general are, gender not being the factor. I myself , am not. ... How can I make my feet more ticklish without leaving my house? Why do guys like girls that are ticklish? Do guys like it when girls are ticklish? Does baby oil really ...

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Of course, everyone is ticklish. What may be the root of your confusion is that boys may hide ... Related QuestionsMore Answers Below. Is it wrong for an adult man to still be ticklish? Why do guys like girls that are ticklish? Where are you most ticklish?