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943–947: The great revolt of Abu Yazid, a Khariji Berber leader who ... of the samurai clans and eventually the first samurai-led government in the history of Japan. ..... 1875–77: The H...

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A list of people famous for starting and carrying out revolutions. - Lenin, Napoleon ... Napoleon Bonaparte (1769 – 1821) – French military and political leader. ... He also fought in Latin America and became known as 'The Hero of Two Worlds'.

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Top 10 Revolutionary Leaders in the World. 953 days ago by Terri 0. There is ... You might also like: Top 10 Most Famous Actresses in Hollywood 2013. Top Ten  ...

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Isaac Newton, perhaps the most famous scientific mind in the world, lived during the ... Together with Fidel Castro, he became a leader of the Cuban Revolution.

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In a chaotic world of rapid, revolutionary change, learning to adapt, manage and ... through some of the lessons learned from the famous revolutionary leaders .... Hannibal Barca(247-183 B.C.)—One of the most revolutionary military minds of ...

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List & biographies of world's most famous revolutionaries. ... Listed below is a list of some of the notable revolutionaries with their complete biographies that include timelines, trivia and life ... Chiang Kai-shek was a Chinese political leader .

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Simón Bolívar is not that well known outside of South America, but on the continent he's the rough equivalent of George Washington (Bolivia is named after h...

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All answers so far have mentioned some great leaders (Washington, Castro, ... Karamchand Gandhi as my choice of the greatest revolutionary leaders of all times. ... He inspired peasants and workers all over the world to fight for their rights.

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History & Culture ... Political Scientist,; Government Official,; Journalist,; Military Leader,; Economist,; Lawyer; (c. ... Benedict Arnold was an American Revolutionary War general best known for his defection from the Continental Army to the ...

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Oct 4, 2010 ... Here are what I consider to be the ten most influential revolutions. ... given by Dutty Boukman, a high priest of vodoo and leader of the Maroon slaves .... fears of the establishment of a Catholic dynasty in England led prominent ...

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Q: Who is or was the most famous leader of a revolution in the world...
A: Although the revolution was spawned by many talented men but the most famous might be George Washington.  He wasn't the most brilliant strategist, losing many b... Read More »
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Q: Who is the most famous leader in the world.
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A: Lyndon B. Johnson. Read More »
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A: Me. Read More »
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Q: Who is the most famous leader in the world?
A: Present Day: President George W Bush (USA) (No contest, I don't think I need any more explaination, just watch the news) In History: The Prophet Mohammed, or Je... Read More »
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