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Timeline: Pixar
1979: Graphics Group of Lucasfilm is founded.
1986: Founded as Pixar with co-founder Steve Jobs.
2006: The Walt Disney Company bought Pixar.

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Pixar rarely also referred to as Pixar Animation Studios, is an American computer animation film ... Pixar got its start in 1974 when NYIT's founder Alexander Schure, who was also the owner of a...

Four Steve Jobs Myths about Pixar - Alvy Ray Smith


Click on the logo above to go to Pixar's homepage. ... Apparently for marketing purposes, the history of Pixar has been ... Myth 2. Steve Jobs co-founded Pixar.

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He is why Pixar turned out the way we did and his strength, integrity and love of ... the board of directors in 1984, Jobs resigned from Apple and founded NeXT, ...

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Pixar was founded as the Graphics Group, one third of the Computer Division of Lucasfilm that was launched in 1979 with the hiring of Dr. Ed Catmull from the ...

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Pixar was founded as The Graphics Group, which is one third of the Computer Division of Lucasfilm that was launched in 1979 with the hiring of Dr. Ed Catmull  ...

How Pixar became the world's greatest animation company


Nov 21, 2015 ... Pixar was founded in 1986 by computer scientist Ed Catmull, computer graphics pioneer Alvy Ray Smith and Steve Jobs, the Apple chief.

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Oct 6, 2011 ... This is a story about his years running Pixar animation. ... the production company started by George Lucas (“Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones”).

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Sep 11, 2012 ... Pixar. 1995's 'Toy Story' wasn't just an epic success because it was the first feature ... Pixar was started under George Lucas, not Steve Jobs.

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Did you know that Pixar, one of the world's most acclaimed digital studios, was once a computer ... Pixar Animation Studios Success Story ... Start to Success.