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A bridal shower traditionally involves giving gifts to the future wife. ... Mothers, sisters, and other close family members usually do not host bridal showers, as it ...

Bridal Shower Etiquette: Host Q&A - The Knot

Get the answers to the most commonly asked bridal shower etiquette questions for the host.

Who Can Host a Shower? - Emily Post Institute

Family members frequently step in to host showers, especially when common sense dictates such a solution. For example, the bride may be visiting her future ...

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All of your bridal shower etiquette questions answered. From who should host, to the invitations, to the gifts, and more.

Bridal Shower - A to Z Guide to Manners and Etiquette

Some experts state it is an absolute no-no for a family member to throw the bridal shower and other experts say the modern rule is more relaxed and the old rule ...

Who Hosts the Bridal Shower? | Top 24 Wedding Etiquette ...

Anyone from the bridesmaids to the mother of the bride to the mother of the groom can host a bridal shower. In any case, the hostess should consult with the  ...

who throws the bridal shower and when do u do one? | Weddings ...

Traditionally the bridal shower is given by anyone other than the bride or MOB. ... Also traditionally, the BM do throw a shower for the bride, but ...

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Throwing a bridal shower for the first time? You're probably full of questions. Luckily, we've got lots of answers. From who to invite, to where to have it, and what ...

Bridal Shower Etiquette - Frequently Asked Questions

Bridal shower etiquette is about the wonderful tradition helping the bride transit into her new role as ... Why shouldn't the bride and family host the bridal shower?

Should My Future Mother-in-Law Host My Bridal Shower? : Brides

Jul 29, 2013 ... Family members shouldn't host your bridal parties. Instead, ask a family friend or non-related bridesmaid to assume the hostess duties.

Popular Q&A
Q: Who Throws the Bridal Shower?
A: Bridal showers were traditionally thrown by the close friends of the bride, rather than by family member, so no one would think, heaven forbid, that the family ... Read More »
Q: Who throws the bridal shower?
A: It would be easy on everyone's pocketbook if you'd all make it a joint effort. If you feel her other friends won't be of much help, talk it over with her sister... Read More »
Q: Who throws the bridal shower for the bride?
A: Usually it is the sisters or the bridesmaids that throw the shower for the... Read More »
Q: Who throws my bridal shower?
A: The maid of honor generally throws it and others can pitch in if willing/able. You should have nothing to do with it and making an unwilling bridesmaid pay will... Read More »
Q: Who throws a bridal shower traditionally? maid of honor and whom?
A: Typically, the maid of honor hosts the bridal shower... Read More »