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Pierre de Frédy, Baron de Coubertin was a French educator and historian, and founder of the International Olympic Committee. He is considered the father of the modern Olympic Games.

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On this day in History, First modern Olympic Games on Apr 06, 1896. ... With the Renaissance, Europe began a long fascination with ancient Greek culture, and ...

Pierre de Coubertin, Founder of the Modern Olympics


Concise biography of Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympics, who organized the Olympic games in Athens in 1896.

History of the Olympics - Creating the Modern Games


After 1500 years with no Olympics, the modern Olympic Games were established. Learn how and why the Games began again.

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Coubertin: Father of the Modern Olympics ... Coubertin almost single-handedly revived the Olympic games and created the Olympic Movement, and spent most ...

The History Behind the Modern Olympic Games


The modern Olympic Games preserve the basic traditions that originated during ... especially after the Games started to receive media coverage and corporate ...

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Shortly thereafter, the Racing Club de France was founded, with Coubertin as .... Baron Pierre de Coubertin, le rénovateur of the modern Olympic Games, died ...

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Highlights of the Modern Games. One of the most dramatic feats of the Olympics was the triumph of the United ... States, which had been formed from 11 of the former Soviet republics.

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The Modern Olympic Games were founded in 1894, when French educationist Pierre de Coubertin sought to promote international understanding through ...

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French aristocrat Pierre de Coubertin (1863-1937) was the founder of the modern Olympic Games. Pierre Fredy, Baron de Coubertin, was born to a wealthy ...

In 1865 Hulley, Dr. Brookes and E.G. Ravenstein founded the National Olympian Association in Liverpool, a forerunner of the British Olympic Association.
In 1890, after attending the Olympian Games of the Wenlock Olympian Society, Baron Pierre de Coubertin was inspired to found the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
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Baron Pierre de Coubertin was the founder of the modern Olympic Games. Inspired by the ancient Olympic Games held in Olympia, Greece, which ended in 393 ...

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Learn about how the modern Olympics began and evolved into what the games are today. Includes links to other activities, historical photos, and a teacher's ...

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As London gets set to host the XXXth Olympiad, acclaimed sportswriter Frank Deford connects the modern Games to their unlikely origin—in rural England.