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Capture of New Orleans


The capture of New Orleans (April 25 – May 1, 1862) during the American Civil War was an important event for the Union. Having fought past Forts Jackson and St. Philip, the Union was unopposed...

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(April 24–25, 1862), naval action by Union forces seeking to capture the city during the ... Battle of New Orleans, New Orleans, Battle of: capture of New Orleans ...

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Find out more about the history of Battle of New Orleans, including videos, interesting ... No-nonsense commander Andrew Jackson cleverly defended New Orleans .... for the first time in this camp…have reaped the fruits of an honorable union.

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The Union warships were led by Admiral David G. Farragut and Commander ... The capture of New Orleans was a great victory for the Union, which gained the ...

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The Union occupation of New Orleans was an event that had major international ... Principal Commanders: Flag-Officer David G. Farragut and Major General ...

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Find details on the Battle of New Orleans during the American Civil War. View casualty numbers, regiments involved, commanders, and ... Union Commanders  ...

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Campaign: Expedition to and Capture of New Orleans (1862). Date(s): April 25– May 1, 1862. Principal Commanders: Flag-Officer David G. Farragut and Maj.

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The city of New Orleans was captured by Union forces on April 25, 1862. ... A long-serving officer and commander of the West Gulf Blockading Squadron, ...

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United States forces at the time of the Battle of New Orleans were much ... Major General Andrew Jackson, commander of the Seventh Military District, led United ... Louisiana was the first state in the Union to commission a military officer of ...

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Lafitte retaliated by posting around New Orleans an offer of five thousand dollars ... But how would he fare against soldiers and commanders who had defeated ...

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On this day in History, Union captures New Orleans on Apr 29, 1862. Learn more about ... Southern military strategists planned for a Union attack down the Mississippi, not from the Gulf of Mexico. In early 1862, the ... Battle of Shiloh video Play ...

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There are two Battle of New Orleans-es in two separate wars and you listed both wars. ... were the generals of the battle of New Orleans? American commander: Andrew Jackson and others British commander: Edward Pakenham and others.

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The battle of New Orleans was the start of the Anaconda Plan; this was the name ... Union General, who was the commander of the northern forces in the south.