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... the beat were all seen as the precursor to the modern rock video. ... The Beatles began filming promotional music videos for their ...

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The Influences and Music. As youths, the members of The Beatles were enthusiastic followers of British rock-and-rollers, notably Cliff Richard and The Shadows, ...

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The Beatles were to rock music what Louis Armstrong was to jazz. ... The Beatles began by studying a broad set of musical influences, including early Rock and ...

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Their music means so much to us, so now find out what music meant so much to them! ... detailing exactly why the John, Paul, George and Ringo were so incredible. ... As the Beatles' beloved songs have influenced generations of songwriters, ...

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Feb 5, 2014 ... The Beatles produced the first music video (Paperback Writer/Rain), invented ... “ Even in Nirvana – the Beatles [were] such a huge influence.

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The Beatles were terrible for much of their career. ... Or the Who, another band that was actually musically innovative and culturally conscious.

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No band has influenced pop culture the way the Beatles have. ..... as repackages of Beatles music continued to sell, the four were hounded by bids and pleas for ...

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Feb 7, 2014 ... “Exciting musical exports,” however, was not high on the list. That all ... It's difficult to underestimate the Beatles' influence on the course of popular music in America. ... The Beatles were more self-aware than their previous pop ...

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Jul 29, 2014 ... Who knows what the music industry would be like today without the influence ... Summers was open as to how much influence The Beatles had on their songs, ... Even Sting said they were the single greatest group of all time!

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Artists influenced by the Beatles in some way or the other. Author: hatiguna. ... Sting even said that the Beatles were the single greatest group ever. I don't know  ...

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Feb 25, 2015 ... Who musically influenced The Beatles though? .... The Beatles were heavily influenced by American pop and rock and roll, particularly that of ...

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Oct 16, 2008 ... Best Answer: At first they were highly influenced by Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, and the like. John Lennon was quoted as saying ...

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Sep 30, 2009 ... The Beatles' influences were from a spread of music, from various eras and styles . They may have been fortunate in that the only source of ...