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The Iroquois or Haudenosaunee were a historically powerful and important northeast Native ... descended from the Proto-Iroquoian people and language; but they were traditionally enemies of the natio...

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The Iroquois' enemies were the Algonkin tribe and the settlers of the United States; however, before the 1500s the Iroquois were also enemies to one another , ...

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Champlain and his Huron allies left fight the Iroquois ... The Huron and Iroquois were traditional enemies long before the Europeans arrived in the early 1600s.



The Seneca were once the largest tribe of the Iroquois League - the number of their .... of them, and the enemies they defeated in war were often twice their size.

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The Huron were the traditional enemy of the Iroquois. They were enemies for quite some time. When the Huron made allies with the French in the 1600s, the ...

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The Iroquois were enemies of the Huron and the Algonquin, who were allied ... the union forged when the former enemies buried their weapons under the Great  ...

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Early on young Iroquois boys were trained for war. Their play ... As the western- most tribe of the Iroquois, the Seneca would become bitter enemies of the Illini.

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Jun 29, 2016 ... Iroquois Confederacy, also called Iroquois League, Five Nations, ... The French were allies of their enemies, the Algonquins and Hurons, and ...

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According to Iroquois tradition, the Cherokee were the aggressors, having attacked ... The pursuers, if they chose, might still invade the territory of the enemy, but ...

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The Iroquois tribes lived in the Eastern Woodlands region. They were expert ... The Iroquois were the enemy of the Algonkin people. The Algonkins called the ...