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We accept the stuff (telling the donor that if we can't use it or give it .... We've found that old encyclopedias are hot items in the local church yard ...



Finally!! Now I can do something creative with my mother's old encyclopedias. ... This is a great way to use beautiful old encyclopedias to change up an old metal.


Your old encyclopedias could prove useful to someone else. ... favorite charity and see if the charity has a thrift store that will take your donated encyclopedias.


You may find it difficult to find someone to take your set. ... I would take them if you still have them. ... Question: What Can I Do With Old Encyclopedias? By Marge ...


... are fewer options for donating these books than there are for donating old novels. ... Even if the library does not need the encyclopedia set, it often will take ... and that have educational standards will often accept donations of encyclopedias.


There isn't a goodwill shop, or used book store that would take them .... can always use at least SOME of the information in my old almanacs ...


Jun 1, 2010 ... ... readers for suggestions concerning the disposal of old encyclopedias. ... Finding enough free books can be difficult for community theaters." ... "A way to use old encyclopedias is to have students in class take a sheet that, ...


Jul 2, 2013 ... Thus, many U.S. households are left with old encyclopedias that do ... The following will help you determine the value of your encyclopedias.