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May 1, 2014 ... Homeschoolers would buy some sets, if they weren't too old, but most ... to donate the books to libraries or agencies so they can raise money, ...

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Jul 2, 2013 ... Thus, many U.S. households are left with old encyclopedias that do ... The following will help you determine the value of your encyclopedias.

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There are so many donations of old encyclapedias that no one will buy or even take home that would be perfect for this. I have also seen lamp bases made from  ...

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Feb 5, 2007 ... Question: What Can I Do With Old Encyclopedias? ... stores and paper stores are the places where people go to buy supplies for altered books.

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Donate Books to Charity – Free Nationwide Book Donation Pick Up. Give the ... Help get your old or gently used books in the hands of people who need them by donating your used books to charity. Your used book donations can help a young child learn to love to read. Donating ... Donate dictionaries and encyclopedias.

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This page is great place to look for the value of old encyclopedias. ..... Advertise on something like freecycle to see if someone will take them off your hands.

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Jun 1, 2010 ... Finding enough free books can be difficult for community theaters." ... "A way to use old encyclopedias is to have students in class take a sheet that, ... Sofia, via e -mail, says, "Old encyclopedias make great 'practice' books for ...

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Even if the library does not need the encyclopedia set, it often will take donations and use those donations by selling ... How to Dispose of Old Encyclopedias.

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Your old encyclopedias could prove useful to someone else. ... favorite charity and see if the charity has a thrift store that will take your donated encyclopedias.

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If a leg breaks off of your sofa, you can prop it up with a stack two or three encyclopedias until you can get a new couch. If your back yard is all ...

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We accept the stuff (telling the donor that if we can't use it or give it .... We've found that old encyclopedias are hot items in the local church yard ...

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I've checked online to see if I can sell them to a old/rare books dealer, ... I've seen specifically state that the stores won't buy old encyclopedias.

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There isn't a goodwill shop, or used book store that would take them from you. ... So articles on almost any historical event will never go out of date. Sure future .... drools :: I've always wanted an old set of encyclopedia. I can ...