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Life: Where does a holier than thou attitude take you? - Quora


Depends. "Holier than thou" is often tied to arrogance. It will most likely lead you to being disliked by most people. Unless you find a community of equally ...

Are Atheists Smarter and Humbler? - OnFaith


Sep 3, 2013 ... Yet I can make a case for ardent atheists being more humble and open to .... even though you have hormones that make you act crazy, and I'm going to ... It would take a lot more than the words of an imperfect man 2000 years ...

Holier Than Thou - TV Tropes


The Holier Than Thou trope as used in popular culture. ... that religion will be the saintly All-Loving Hero, the devoted Good Shepherd, ... This trope taken to its logical conclusion gets you the Corrupt Church that thinks of itself as a Saintly Church. ... a teacher, it is because though both hold positions of authority, priests are ...

Ask HN: How to avoid being arrogant? | Hacker News


Dec 31, 2015 ... You need confidence in order to tackle problems, which might be wearing a mask .... won't shy away from confrontation the same way that the humbler majority will. ..... "childish optimism that one can take on any challenge. .... In some roles it is necessary to exude confidence and a better-than-thou attitude.

Pope Francis: A Son and a Father - Busted Halo


Sep 25, 2013 ... And you can tell this by the fact that I am here in Santa Marta. ... people have a holier-than-thou attitude toward a particular person's sinfulness. ... is asking us to take on a humbler position, one that leaves room for questioning.

Carte-Blanche - The Spurgeon Archive


Even this great boon that I ask of thee will be nothing more to thee than a chance .... shall turn his back, and flee from you; and, as Luther said, though there were as many .... If you sigh after their bread, which came down from heaven, if you will take 'scot and lot' ..... She takes a humbler attitude than she had at first a...

Garth Brooks: “Our Job Is To Fly The Flag of Country Music” | Saving ...


Jul 10, 2014 ... “So new music is coming, we can't tell you when because truthfully we don't know . ... As for the songs, Garth says though he's trying to write, he relying mostly on the .... You could take this as greed, or you could take this as looking out for ..... His humbler -than- thou attitude got old for me in a hurr...

exegesis - What are the meanings of the mote and beam in the ...


Oct 9, 2014 ... Rather than leading with a holier-than-thou attitude, they are to lead with ... then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye.

Chaitanya's Prayer: A Perfect Primer – Part II - American Vedantist


May 3, 2011 ... That is the correct attitude and way… when you are strong and spiritually mature … you ... beckoning you, which makes you experience and say: 'Not I, but Thou; Thy will be done! ... BE HUMBLER THAN A BLADE OF GRASS, ... Order, “For every one step forward spiritually, you must take two steps ethically!

1 Samuel 1 Biblical Illustrator - Bible Hub


Their God is a Sovereign, who, parting with his sceptre though he retains his crown, .... Now, you observe, that pious Elkanah and his family have to take a long ... in a humbler situation, it will not labour to increase his sense of deficiencies, but ... It does not take more than one smoky chimney in a room to make it intolerable.

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What is the actual meaning of the quote 'holier than thou' and how ...


Apr 26, 2015 ... The phrase "holier than thou" is typically meant ironically to refer to someone who ... Life: Where does a holier than thou attitude take you?

ATTITUDE in Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous, 12 Steps and 12 ...


To get over drinking will require a transformation of thought and attitude. ... that he has no attitude of Holier Than Thou, nothing whatever except the sincere ... of character" -- is A.A.'s way of stating the best possible attitude one can take in order ... You are betting, of course, that your changed attitude plus the conte...

If Quotes by Amy Carmichael - Goodreads


“If my attitude be on of fear, not faith, about the one who has disappointed me ... “ Trust Me with a humbler heart and a fuller abandon to My will than ever thou ... If anyone will come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and ... those blessings, that I have here, that I may be available for service to you at any time.