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I find it mildly offensive to refer to ships as "she" rather than "it." As one example ( of many) see USS John S. McCain (DD-928). Does Wikipedia have a policy on ...

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Mar 30, 2013 ... “A ship is called a she because there is always a great deal of bustle ... But seriously: why are ships and countries (and sometimes cars and other ... The practice of naming boats and ships after women continues today, ...

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Jul 28, 2007 ... I am certain I read somewhere that both cars and boats are considered female as they are generally MASTERED and controlled by men ,,,,,,,

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Sep 17, 2010 ... Sometimes people are referring to mechanical objects as "she": I love my car. She always gets the best service. Are there any rules when it is ...

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The exact reason why boats are called she in English is lost to history. ... Countries are also called she, as are cars sometimes, but the latter ...

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Mar 21, 2002 ... SHIPS should no longer be called "she", the industry's newspaper has ... Vehicles following a cave-in of car park in Meridian, Mississippi.

Why are Boats Called She? (with pictures)


Countries are also called she, as are cars sometimes, but the latter example is almost certainly an extension from boats. One plausible theory is that boats are ...

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Feb 1, 2014 ... Dr Pieter van der Merwe, naval historian at the National Maritime Museum, answers eight-year-old Charlotte's question.

The Grammarphobia Blog: Why did we start “she”-ing ships?


Dec 2, 2010 ... Under its entry for “she,” the Oxford English Dictionary describes the usage ... female sex is conventionally attributed,” such as “a ship or boat.”.

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Apr 8, 2002 ... Ships have been female in English since at least 1375, according to the ... Yet man talk about ships is not the same as boy talk about cars; and the ... so, too, would powerboats whose prows rise phallically out of the water.

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Connie asks: I am trying to find out why boats are always referred to as the female gender.. When and why did this practice start? According to Yarns of the Sea, ...

Why are vehicles always referred to as a she? - Quora


One theory is that the habit carried over from men's habit of calling ships "she" and ... Some men had a very chauvinistic view of the female car in that it was just a pile of metal without him at the wheel (as the automobile was ...

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Besides, a "ship" in Spanish can be male (El barco) or female (La ... Similarly, cars, boats and planes, like women, are generally owned and