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Doctor handwriting is notoriously bad. But writing badly for a doctor is a matter of survival. In one eight hour shift s/he can write their signature alone fifty to one ... this kind of handwriting is when doctors get so in the habit of writing bad that they  ...

Why doctors have bad handwriting | Why doctors write bad


Dec 11, 2008 ... Common questions: What illegible handwriting means, why doctors have bad ... Also Read: 5 Signature styles you must avoid ... So, next time you receive a get- well-soon card with messages in illegible handwriting, I'm sure ...

Why do doctors write prescriptions in an illegible manner and write ...


Physicians make very expensive secretaries, so they'd rather write quickly and pay attention to the ... FWIW, physicians don't *always* have bad hand writing.

Pediatric Dentistry: Why Do Doctors Have Such Bad Handwriting?


Oct 17, 2009 ... Firstly doctors do not have bad handwriting, they just choose to write badly. ... in a hurry, we immediately place the importance of a legible signature, ... handwriting course on the iPhone, so doctors can take it anywhere and ...

The 7 Types of Physician Bad Handwriting - A Cartoon Guide to ...


Sep 15, 2011 ... There was a doctor whose handwriting was so bad that we have to keep ... much exactly) my husband's signature...who happens to be a doctor.

Why Do Doctors Still Write Prescriptions (Illegibly) When They Can ...


May 7, 2008 ... If the UI to enter stuff is bad, that's not the doctors fault. ..... as they can ensure compatibility between the various systems and can process the electronic orders and signatures. ..... The Doctor's hand written are so horrible.

Cause of Death: Sloppy Doctors - TIME


Jan 15, 2007 ... Physicians' bad handwriting kills more than 7000 people a year. ... We have the technology today to prevent these errors, so why aren't we ...

How Lethal Is My Doctor's Sloppy Handwriting? | Mental Floss


Aug 20, 2014 ... U.S. doctors write about 3.2 billion prescriptions every year. ... So basically, doctors aren't doing their job properly but it's the patients fault? ... deliberately scrawl to make it harder for their prescriptions/signatures to be forged.

Doctor's Bad Handwriting | The Blog That Ate Manhattan


May 24, 2007 ... So bad is my John Hancock that my daughter's teacher did not believe it was real , and accused the poor kid of forging my signature on her ...

Does your handwriting really say something about your personality ...


Jan 23, 2014 ... my question is are doctors taught to write like they do and do they write ...... my cursive writing is so bad that after a couple of days i can't even ...

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The Terrible Reason why Doctors Have Awful Handwriting - Metatech


Sep 14, 2015 ... So the fact that all doctors end up with the same way-below-normal-level of handwriting, suggests that something really bad happened to them ...

Ugly Handwriting and what it Says about You - Graphology World


So if you have an ugly handwriting read on – there may be more to your scrawl than .... that I was born to fit the stereotype that “all doctors have bad handwriting.

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In my opinion, the writing is so bad because of a combination of things. .... there is still no handwriting except maybe the physician's signature.