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Dog and cat worm species that may be diagnosed on faecal egg flotation: .... Parasites whose eggs are too heavy to float (e.g. trematode eggs) or who exist ... on fecal flotation, however, the technique of choice for detecting the eggs of this ...

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Fecal examination procedures likely to be accepted and implemented in most ... Accuracy of centrifugal flotation techniques depends on procedural details and ... Certain nematode, trematode, and tapeworm eggs will not float in less dense ...

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Aug 12, 2014 ... Analyzed reptile faecal samples contained a broad spectrum of parasites (total ... Flotation techniques allow the removal of debris and a .... Sarcocystis spp. sporocysts and a digenean trematode egg (middle) .... [27] found ether to shrink protozoan cysts, so that they were not suitable for proper diagnosis.

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Fecal flotation methods levitate the diagnostic products of endoparasitic organisms (eggs, larvae, ... Parasite eggs, cysts, and oocysts are concentrated on the.

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The Trematodes (Flukes) ... techniques are also being employed including highly sensitive and specific simple monoclonal ... in the feces into the environment, but helminths require a period of maturation while in the soil, ..... parasites, particularly eggs, it allows the parasites to float to the top of a dense solution ( final.

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Floatation techniques include simple flotation, centrifugal flotation and FLOTAC techniques ... relatively inaccurate methods such as fecal worm egg count without which no .... trematode and acanthocephalan eggs, (Chaudic and. Gupta, 2003).

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Feb 25, 2010 ... Diagnostic approaches based on fecal egg count (FEC) enable ... However, the salt–sugar flotation technique has thus far only been ... diagnosis of major nematodes and trematodes parasitizing humans, ..... Add 454 g of sucrose to 355 ml of tap water (corn syrup and dextrose are not suitable substitutes).

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Fecal samples from 175 persons previously proved to be infected with hookworms ... The next highest was shown by the flotation technique attaining to a ... eggs from stools but does not yield good differentiation of minute trematode eggs.

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16. Page 1 of 10. DETECTION OF TREMATODE EGGS AND EIMERIA LEUCKARTI ... because the oocysts do not rise to the surface on the usual flotation media and infection is often ... in the faeces using the sedimentation technique. Eggs are ... The test procedure is not suitable for the detection of eggs from the small liver.

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Jul 22, 2013 ... The sensitivity of the faecal based techniques suited morbidity control but .... Trematode eggs often encountered in endemic community of opisthorchiasis. .... The FLOTAC technique, a modified McMaster flotation method, has also .... in use are not suitable for making decisions on treatment in individuals.

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Comparison of Common Fecal Examination Techniques ... Useful for examining feces of small birds and reptiles (where trematode eggs are ... will not float trematode ova and some tapeworm (pseudophyllidian) ova. Distorts Giardia cysts . Time consuming if centrifugation not performed. Unsuitable for fatty stool samples.

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3.3.3 Sedimentation technique (for trematode eggs) ... The simple test tube flotation method is a qualitative test for the detection of nematode and cestode eggs ...

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zoonotic parasites, fecal examinations for parasite eggs, oocysts, and cysts are important. Many dif- ferent procedures and techniques are used, each ... times more eggs than passive flotation.7 .... such as eggs of Trematodes (eg, Alaria.