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"Complete Wetdown" sometimes is a horror for the production ... I didn't really notice how many wet roads there were in movies (and on T.V.) ...

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The roads are generally wet so that the road surface is slightly more ... I think that it really boils down to wanting make the film or tv show look ...

In many movies and TV scenes streets are wet down when it's not ...


Thanks for the A 2 A, I like the other answers provided as they give the simple answer to your question. Movies, like all photography, are all about light and ...

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Apr 22, 2015 ... Answer 2: The roads are never wet in movies. You're .... reason we DPs [directors of photography] often do a “wet down” for nighttime exteriors.

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Mar 22, 2011 ... Why do film crews wet streets for night scenes in the city? ... “Once you put water down, you've got light reflecting off of everything, it just makes ...

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It makes the streets look better on film. There is more reflection of light off of wet pavement, more shine or gloss. In fact, I ... Thumbs down.

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I'm hard pressed to find a movie where this is not the case. (Low budget excluded ) I'm assuming they hose down the streets before the shoot ...

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Wet downsearch for term. The practice of hosing down roads and sidewalks for night shoots so that the light will reflect off of them. Previous definition Voice Over.

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always had a street “round the corner” for when the sun came out so we could continue in ... rainy area, it's worth wetting down the first day, in case it rains on the



Jan 27, 2009 ... ... wetted down prior to a film shoot – for some reason, wet streets look ... rain on CSI: Miami, miraculously somehow the streets are always wet.