Did you mean: Why Cellphones Are Good?

Yes, cell phones have good points, too | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Aug 9, 2009 ... And many readers have already sent me your own set of cell phone annoyances (which I'll share in a future column). But I love having a cell ...

Reasons Why Cell Phones Are Good - eHow


Reasons Why Cell Phones Are Good. The ability to communicate is important in today's mobile society. One communication option is a cellular phone. Having a ...

6 Ways Cell Phones Are Changing the World - Impatient Optimists


Dec 13, 2013 ... In a world where more people have access to a cell phone than a toilet, we have to ask: what are all those phones doing? And are they really ...

10 best smartphones in the US | TechRadar


5 days ago ... The iPhone 5S doesn't even have good enough RAM to keep up ... Cell phones are getting way to expensive for what they do,we either text or ...

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Cell phones clearly reveal our culture's values and priorities. They were ... Cell phones are also a good example of how our culture is preoccupied with "fitting in.

Are cell phones good for kids? | Debate.org


Cell phones are very good to have, such as, if I were coming home from school, and during my walk, there happened to be someone following me, I would be ...

Are mobile phones useful in our lives? | Debate.org


But cell phones are an amazing emergency device that save hundreds of lives ... Some parents cant understand that phone are not good for their children and ...

Cell phones; both good and bad - Allentown Outdoorsman ...


Jan 24, 2013 ... Cell phones are great if your car breaks down, there is a medical emergency or you are running late for an appointment. Many workers need ...

Ten Reasons Why a Kid Should Have a Cell Phone | Science ...


When parents are divorced, a cell phone is a good way for a child to keep in contact with both parents at all times, and it gives the parent who does not live in the ...

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Q: Needing at least 5 more reasons why cellphones arent good.?
A: People depend on them too much. I saw a waitress call the order in to the kitchen on her cellphone once. Read More »
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Q: Cellphone with plan good or bad WHY?
A: yes, it is good to have a plan i guess in a way because you bacically have unlimited calls and texts untill that amount runs out, so it is good if you have a bu... Read More »
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Q: Why dont cellphone and bees make a good combination?
A: I think this site has it. Good luck protecting them. http://news.independent.co.uk/environmen… Read More »
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Q: What are some good reasons why cellphones should be used in schoo...
A: 1.They add a feeling of security - Knowing your Read More »
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Q: If you ask someone if they have a cellphone and they say why, wha...
A: Duh genius because I Read More »
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