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Why Do Cats Chase Their Tails? - Pets


You may think dogs are the only ones who chase their tails, but keep an eye on Kitty. Sooner than later, you'll see him going in dizzying circles. Of course he ...

Why do Cats Chase Their Own Tail - Love Meow


Dec 16, 2009 ... Cats do not usually chase their tail until they are in a certain mood. This behavior is triggered by the same motivation when an excited kitten ...

Why Do Dogs and Cats Chase Their Tails? | CANIDAE®


Jun 30, 2011 ... However, tail chasing isn't a normal activity for adult dogs or cats and if they chase their tail all the time, there could be a medical or behavioral ...

Cat Chasing Tail Question - Our Happy Cat


Cat chasing tail - My 7 year old female orange cat has recently started to ... for your own cat's chasing tail problem in their comments and suggestion. ... to be a commonality that many of these cats were abandoned and bottle fed, as was ours . ... She was like a little demon and would do it almost constantly while awake.

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Nov 18, 2014 ... Funny Cats Crazy Chase Their Tail Compilation 2014 New HD. Sometime cats mistake their tail is " stranger " and they chase to beat or play.

Why Cats And Dogs Chase Their Tails - Business Insider


Jul 10, 2013 ... We know why cats love boxes and why dogs howl. One thing both pets like to do, though, is to chase their own tails. ASPCA science advisor Dr.

Tail Biting In Cats | Cat Hospital of Chicago


When he was a little over a year old he began chasing his tail with more ... if he was on the incredible journey or what, but it was a weird thing for him to do. ... Sometimes these cats have to wear those silly “e-collars” around their necks, but we ...

Why Do Cats Chase Their Tails?


There are other reasons that cats chase their tails other than their own amusement, ... syndrome is simply a fancy name for, "it's something fun for the cat to do.

Reasons for Cat Attacking and Biting Tail - Cats - About.com


Learn why cats chase their tails and their tail biting behavior in this article about hyperesthesia syndrome in cats by Amy Shojai, renowned cat expert.

Do cats think their tail belongs to another cat? Or even that their tail ...


Nov 18, 2015 ... The tail is an extension of the spine and is controlled by a network of muscles, ... Is it because some cats chase their tails? They do that just for ...

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Why Is a Cat Chasing Its Tail? - Pets


Kittens -- and grown kitties who are young at heart -- usually chase their tails ... to chase their tails, but in adult cats excessive tail-chasing might mean that Kitty, ... an indoor cat, is bored and chases her tail because she has nothing better to do.

Why do cats chase their tails? | Reference.com


Usually when cats chase their tails, they are simply playing. Cats are not being fooled; they know their tail is theirs. They often groom it when they're finished ...

Your Cat | Why does my cat chase her tail? | Behavioural problems ...


Tail chasing is an uncommon but recognized compulsive behaviour, as our behaviourist explains... ... Obscure her view from other cats and diminish any scent challenge she might experience ... How do I introduce my new kittens to my cat?