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Like that of the related apple, the pear fruit is a pome, in most wild species 1–4 centimetres (0.39–1.57 in) diameter, but in some cultivated forms up to 18 ...

Why do certain fruits (like apples and pears) become sour when ...


Feb 16, 2011 ... Sugar can dissolve in water during cooking -- Acids - such as ascorbic acid - are often added to apples and pears during cooking to minimize ...

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Fruits and olive oil;; Raw Vegetables / Cooked Vegetables;; Grains and Pasta; ... Some people may have problems with these fruits because of their acid content. ... Sometimes one type of fruit from this category can irritate a particular part of the body. ... Are like all other fruits excellent food. ... HOME - Go To The Mainpage ....

Apples and orchards, pears, plums, cherries - flavors, tasting notes ...


A sweet modern apple variety from western Canada, quite similar to Golden ... Medium size, yellow-green fruit is flushed and streaked red to purple red. .... Hangs long on the tree but must not be allowed to over ripen as flesh soon becomes dry. ... a strong sharp flavour but with some underlying sweetness too - imagine sour ...

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Oct 18, 2014 ... The taste depends on the fruit's balance of sugar and acidity. ... said Adrian Barlow, the chief executive of English Apples and Pears, which promotes the English apple industry. ... bred by crossing Gala and Braeburn, although some of these are now grown here. .... Aldo Zilli: A lot of British mums can't cook.

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Avocadoe is a pear shaped tropical fruit with green, reddish-purple or ... can be used as a vegetable or when cooked with sugar, eaten as an dessert, ... A type of sour cherry with one single seed that is green when green and .... At first the aroma is apple like and pleasant but it becomes peculiarly musky as the fruit ages.

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Dec 9, 2014 ... I think some people do not like this texture; it can get stuck in your teeth. ... in the fruit bowl, and to slow down ripening, you can put the pear in the fridge. ... that look like the pear version of crabapples — too impossibly tiny to be good, right? ... but an unripe Asian pear will forever be sort of sour and shitt...

Dried Fruit Compote With Fresh Apple and Pear Recipe ... - Cooking


This compote, which I like to add to my morning yogurt, does not involve wine, ... use too many, because they will give the compote too stronga sour cherry flavor. Sweet fruit, like dried apples, pears and raisins, will result in a compote with a ... Turn off heat and allow fruit to steep for30 minutes or longer. ... Find some recipes !

The Best Way to Prevent Apples and Pears From Browning | Serious ...


Sep 29, 2015 ... So how do you prevent browning if you're cutting the fruit for later? Read this to find out the best method for the home cook. ... That's because apples, along with some other fruits like pears and bananas, have a tendency to brown quickly once the inner flesh is ... Why Apples and Pears Turn Brown Once Cut.

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Jul 28, 2008 ... While cooking doesn't magically cause unripe fruit to ripen, it does do three things: 1. It enhances sweet and sour flavors in the fruit. 2. It decreases ... Pears, peaches, apples, and even plums do well. Any liquid--even ... For extra flavor, we like to use wine, beer, or a simple syrup (pre-made). You can also ...

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Do fruits like guava, apple, banana become more nutritious if they ...


Jun 28, 2014 ... Do fruits like guava, apple, banana become more nutritious if they ... Why do certain fruits (like apples and pears) become sour when cooked?

The quince: The fruit that started the Trojan War? | The Splendid Table


David Karp: It's a pome fruit, related to apples and pears. ... All commercial varieties are too hard, sour and astringent to eat raw, but the quince's whitish- yellow flesh softens and turns an attractive pink when cooked. ... climates, such as parts of Mexico and Latin America, where deciduous tree fruits like apples do not th...

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The garden of the fruit trees, apart from bearing fruit, can be the cemetery in abbeys, ... courses, combined with garum and vinegar: the Romans were fond of sweet and sour dishes. ... Certain fruits had to be eaten in combination with other food: melon with ... But apples, quinces, figs, oranges, peaches, pears, raisins and ...