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If you've got a dog that loves belly rubs, as many of us do, than you've no doubt found ... him in his saddle region – the belly, sides, and parts of the dog's back. ... This silly behavior got us wondering, why do dogs kick their legs when you .... They specifically said that it doesn't mean the dog doesn't like it....

Why do dogs kick their back legs? - Ask.com


Dogs kick their back legs when being rubbed and tickled because of an involuntary reaction called the scratch reflex. It is caused by nerves in the dog's stomach ...

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Although dogs do use their voices to communicate, their chief means of ... Take the confident dog stance, kick it up a notch or two and you have a ... He'll drop the front of his body to the floor with his front legs outstretched. ... The body is lowered to the ground, and the dog may even roll over on his back to expose his belly.

Why Does My Dog Kick Her Back Legs Over Her Poop? - WOOFipedia


Many people think that when their dogs tear at the ground with their back feet after ... the poo all over the place - including on his back paws, which I don't like!

Why Does My Dog... Kick The Grass After Pooping? - Vetstreet


Sep 26, 2011 ... Is your grass a hole-filled mess because your dog digs and kicks at it after pooping? ... All dogs have glands in their feet that secrete pheromones, and a couple of backward ... Like this article? ... Do you want a dog or a cat?

Why Do Dogs Scratch the Ground After Defecating? - Pets


Dogs of both sexes commonly scratch or scrape the ground with their hind paws ... Why Do Dogs Like to Have the Base of Their Tails Scratched? Why Do Dogs Scratch at Their Bed? Why Do Dogs Shake Their Legs When You Pet Them?

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Aug 19, 2012 ... 1:53. Meet 'Hulk': The Giant 175lb Family Pit Bull - Duration: 5:06. by Barcroft TV 33,382,902 views. 5:06. Untamed and Uncut: Attack Dog Bites ...

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2 -- complete with vigorous hind leg back kicks -- as a grand finale toward the ... Barja found that wolves chose to do their business on plants that maximized visual ... That's easier said than done for dogs like tiny terriers, Chihuahuas and poodles. ... the dog might “voom-voom” with its back legs after going to the bathroom, ...

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Mar 17, 2015 ... Several videos show the man kicking and dragging the dog, and in another video .... All those dogs bred for one purpose: to mature to fight their own kind to the ... park everyday and runs behind a bench with his tail between his legs. ... and do breed a dog with aggressive traits.. but that is YOUR back yard ...

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Owners ignore other rules - like pick up after your dog - so why would ... dog is telegraphing something to the other dogs that is instigating their behavior. .... Is the kicking and scratching of dirt everywhere with the back legs a ...

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Sep 20, 2007 ... My 6-month old nico has started kicking his back legs (like a bull kick) when he ... Anyone notice a similar behavior on their yorkies? ... Winstin does do that sometimes and hops like a bunny once in a while when playing. ... My Sadie does this also, when one of the other dogs has something she wants she ...

Why do dogs kick their back legs like a bull - Answers.com


They usually do this to cover up when they've pooped. They also do this after the pee, they have scent glands in their paws.

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Mar 24, 2011 ... Out of the blue she will stomp/scrape her front legs and kick out her back legs like a charging bull or horse. ... Usually she will do it when she wants to play but I don' t get the connection ... She's like the sprinters at their "blocks".

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May 18, 2012 ... Every dog has their own little quirk and way of expressing themselves. ... Kicking up grass after pooping: ... but people speculate they do it to trample down the grass and also to make sure there aren't ... I have a yellow lab named Henry and he always rubs his back on my legs like a cat rubbing aginst you.