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Archaeologist, Linguist, Musicologist, Theologian. A historian is a person who researches, studies, and writes about the past, and is regarded as ... While ancient writers do not normally share mode...

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The answer is in the term "prehistory". There is no history from that time, so we need other scientist to figure out what was going on and who or what was there.

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Historians make their observations and predictions of what happened in the past by examining written artifacts, such as letters or diary entries. Archaeologists ...

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Feb 11, 2014 ... ... and that there's plenty of scientific historical archaeology and anthropology. ... Less Snarky Answer: Historians need to be flexible to fresh methods, ... is that historians don't necessarily need scientists, but that we do need ...

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To the best of my understanding, historians study history in a very different way to how it is ... Archaeology can be used to study historical and prehistorical periods of the human past. ... In this case, archaeologists and anthropologists can offer our only understanding through their evidence based interpretations. 194 Views.

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Feb 6, 2015 ... Good question. Think of it like this: understanding history is largely possible by ... A historian, however, does not necessarily need to do field work. His/her whole life is spent on READING and writing on archival sources ...

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The major social science occupations covered in this statement are anthropologists, archaeologists, geographers, and historians. Social scientists study all ...

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How does archaeology help us understand history and culture? Types of Archaeology ... It is a subfield of anthropology, the study of all human culture.

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Career Science And Research Anthropologists And Archaeologists, ... statement include anthropologists, archaeologists, geographers, historians, .... in most social science occupations, do not qualify for “professional” positions. ... Depending on their jobs, social scientists may need a wide range of personal characteristics.

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In the field of archaeology, anthropologists uncover humanity's hidden history through ... Why Do Companies Need Anthropologists? ... Photo of Music Historian ...

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This is because history is the study of the written past, while prehistory is the study of the ... Why do historians need archaeologists and anthropologists to study ...

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Anthropologists and historians are both interested in the past. ... Anthropology and history usually require at least a master's degree, ... During their work, historians might focus on items manufactured in the past, as archaeologists do.

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Specifically, historians study older documents and artifacts and create an ... The fields of history and archaeology study very similar things but do so from different ... hold advanced degrees in anthropology with a specialization in archaeology.