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Payot (Hebrew: פֵּאָה ; plural: פֵּאוֹת), also pronounced pe'ot, peyot; or payos, peyos, peyois, payois in Ashkena...

Why Do Some Chassidic Jews Have Long Sidelocks (Peyot ...


May 31, 2015 ... Why Do Some Chassidic Jews Have Long Sidelocks (Peyot)? ... This prohibition applies only to males.3 ... wrapping them around the ears or twirling them into long ringlets. .... In Hungary and other European countries there were no such decrees and many of these groups continue to have long side curls.

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What is the reason some Jewish men grow long curls of hair from their Sideburns ? The long curls are commonly called “Payos”, or Corners. Two reasons for ...

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The question came up at work about who wears the longer hair, curls around the ears, ... Thus many Hasidic Jews do not have these traditional clothes, whereas ...

Why men wear sidelocks (peyot) « Ask The Rabbi « Ohr Somayach


Curling Payos ... "Do not cut off the hair on the sides of your head..." Vayikra 19: 27. A Jewish male must leave sideburns (peyot) down to the joints of the jaw that ... passage somewhere that makes this commandment refer only to males) "not ...

Why do Jewish people curl their hair? - Quora


The don't. You might be thinking of peyot, the long sidelocks on some men. ... Plenty of people (and plenty of Jews) have naturally curly hair. Some people with  ...

Why do Orthodox Jews have long sideburns and large hats? - Quora


Beards, Sidelocks (Pe'ot), and Shaving explains the long side burns, it comes from the biblical .... Jews grow beards like Haredim? Why do Jewish men in the ultra-orthodox community wear long jackets that seem slightly too large for them?

Grooming for God: The Payos - Kempt - world of men's style / fashion ...


Oct 24, 2011 ... With the passing of Simchat Torah, the last of the autumnal Jewish holidays, we thought we'd take ... But how do they get those awesome curls?

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Do Jewish men have to have beards? ... the ears to the forehead, and this is where payot or payos (side curls) come from (Babylonian Talmud, Makot 20b).

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Mar 14, 2013 ... You guys have sex through a hole in the sheet, right? .... Are there Orthodox Jews who do not believe in the Big Bang Theory and evolution?

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Why do Jewish men wear side curls? | Reference.com


Many Orthodox Jewish men wear curls on the sides of their heads to be in accordance with an interpretation of a verse in the Torah that prohibits shaving the ...

Jewish Treats: Of Ringlets, Sidecurls, "Payos" and Beards (1 of 2)


Jul 8, 2008 ... Why do some Jewish men (mostly Hassidic) have curly ringlets of hair? The commandment in Leviticus 19:27 states: "Do not cut the hair on the ...

Why Do Orthodox Jews Wear Sidelocks? | Our Everyday Life


Orthodox Jews believe that the commandment to wear peyot -- or sidelocks -- is incumbent upon all Jewish males. Just as there are different modes of dress ...