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Payot (Hebrew: פֵּאָה ; plural: פֵּאוֹת) also pronounced pe'ot, peyot; or payos, peyos, peyois, payois in Ashkenazi ...

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Sidelocks are a distinguishing characteristic of Orthodox Jewish males. ... Leviticus 19:27 states, “Do not round off [the hair] at the edges of your heads. ... the hair that normally grows between the ears and the hairless portion of the face. ... Yemen and Morocco, have the custom of wearing their peyot long and tightly curled.

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Dress: Why do many Jewish men sport beards and/or long sideburns? ... [ Specifically, Leviticus 19:27 says, "Do not round the corner of your head. ... Finally, in not rounding "the four corners" of the face, we have a comparison with the tzitzis at ...

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The verse: “Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar ... Others have seen it as a means of distinguishing between males and females. ... The Talmud describes the beard as an “adornment of the face” and implies that a ... Most westernized Jews do not wear beards, including many Orthodox rabbis, ...

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Dec 17, 2014 ... Short answer: grow the hair in question out, twist the hair around your fingers when you come out ... It's not uncommon for Jewish males who wear payot in this style to ... Do men ever have curly hair but straight-haired beards?

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I have often wondered why many religious Jews have long hairy beards. ... like the kipah, a means of identifying oneself as a Jew or do the beards serve ... Or we may know that it is good to give charity, but never get around to ... Why don't chassidic men shave their beards? .... So I would straight razor shave my face daily.

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Men & Women ... Why Do Some Chassidic Jews Have Long Sidelocks (Peyot)? ... The Torah states, “Do not round off [the hair] at the edges of your heads. ... behind the ears, wrapping them around the ears or twirling them into long ringlets .

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Nov 29, 2012 ... Boys and men are asked by the Torah not to "round off the corners" (peyot in Hebrew) of their faces ... Why do some guys grow them long, curl them, wear them in front of ... Most Jews don't have stick-straight hair anyway! ... boys/men would absent-mindedly twirl their peyos around the finger while studyin...

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Many Orthodox Jewish men wear curls on the sides of their heads to be in ... in the Torah: "You shall not round off the peyos of your head" (Leviticus 19:27).

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Learn and get acquainted with the unique Orthodox Jewish Culture, get to know their dress style, ... you will see men walking around in very unique Hasidic Jewish clothing. ... All men and boys will also have curls by their side. ... No part of their body will be exposed except from their palm and face. .... Do Jews get baptized?

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"Do not cut off the hair on the sides of your head..." Vayikra 19:27. A Jewish male must leave sideburns (peyot) down to the joints of the jaw that are opposite the ...

Jewish Treats: Of Ringlets, Sidecurls, "Payos" and Beards (1 of 2)


Jul 8, 2008 ... Why do some Jewish men (mostly Hassidic) have curly ringlets of hair? ... sideburn area, at least from the cheekbone and up around the ear.

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Do Jewish men have to have beards? ... the point of the chin, and a point at the end of the cheekbone near the center of the face or it may be that there are two ...