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Sep 18, 2012 ... When does extramarital friendship cross the line over to infidelity? ... on marriage and the family don't have one definition of infidelity, nor do the ...


Apr 13, 2017 ... And why do they sometimes continue cheating after they're caught, ... So he sets the stage for his next relationship while still in the first one.


May 15, 2017 ... “What if even a good marriage cannot inoculate us against wanderlust? ... And in order to do that, we need to understand what affairs are really about. .... And while many people who have affairs may feel terribly guilty for ...


Feb 1, 2017 ... Affairs are most likely to occur two years into a marriage. 35% of men and women admit to cheating while on a business trip. ... on a text-based emotional affair with a person they met online, does that count as cheating?


Jan 19, 2017 ... Here is a list of the reasons why some spouses cheat when married, a breakdown of the ... Many people cheat after frustration in their marriage. ... There are also some spouses, albeit to a lesser degree, who do not value ...


Jun 21, 2017 ... And when they do, it's worth understanding why they do — not that it ... when marriage counselor M. Gary Neuman spoke to 200 cheating and ...


People are still likely to cheat even when they're perfectly happy with their partners. Some even go so far as to search for their own affairs. Is it a secret desire or ...


May 18, 2016 ... Get the inside scoop on how many people cheat, what causes them to, and what the average affair looks like. Infidelity ... While there's definitely an audience for people who like to rehash the salacious details, ... How often do women cheat? ... What percentage of cheating wives say their marriage is happy?


Jun 8, 2016 ... We asked people who have cheated what their reasons were. ... "Both times, I was seeking something that I was not getting in my marriage—sex, love, and ... didn't communicate with me, and didn't really react when I did try.