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Infidelity is a violation of a couple's assumed or stated contract regarding emotional and/or .... In terms of infidelity, the theory states that when sex-ratios are high, men are ... For exampl...

The Eight Reasons that People Cheat on Their Partners ...


Sep 18, 2012 ... We know that people cheat on their partners in all sorts of ways, from innocent ... it's fine to veer once in a while from the relationship straight and narrow. ... Recognizing that infidelity is a symptom of an unhappy marriage can lead a ... The least frequent reasons for engaging in affairs had to do with love- ...

6 Reasons Why Happily Married Couples Still Cheat - Good ...


Dec 10, 2015 ... The concept of marriage has completely turned on its head — and that can ... "For most of history, monogamy had zero to do with love," Perel says. ... "You can pretty much cheat on your partner while lying next to them in bed," ...

Infidelity in Marriage - Why Do Men Cheat - Woman's Day


May 4, 2015 ... Find out surprising facts about infidelity in marriage. ... You may think of cheaters as men without morals, but while they may like what they did, ...

Why Do Good People Cheat? - eHarmony Advice


Statistics vary, but it's assumed that 50 percent of men cheat. ... The answers to protecting your marriage from cheating lie in making your marriage successful.

The Top 8 Reasons Women Cheat: This May Surprise You!


Women cheat because of a lack of physical intimacy in marriage, a need to ... However, when a woman cheats, she is usually cheating for emotional intimacy while a ... How long can you go without receiving love and attention before you look ...

Why People Cheat: 12 Differences Between Men And Women


Oct 18, 2013 ... When researching his book The Truth About Cheating, marriage ... 88 per cent of men who cheated didn't do so with someone more attractive than or ... and 15 per cent of wives have had sex with someone else while married.

Why Do So Many Married Men Cheat on Their Wives? - Cosmopolitan


Nov 11, 2015 ... Why does it seem like so many married men cheat on their wives even though ... When a guy cheats, it's not the relationship's fault or his wife's fault. ... I later found out that he had met someone else while he was away and ...

Why Do People Cheat on Their Partners? - Huffington Post


Aug 29, 2013 ... I assured Celine that the affairs, while challenging, were not the ... Celine and Brent entered their marriage, as many people do, with the ...

Why Happily Married Women Are Cheating - Huffington Post


Sep 17, 2014 ... If you're under the impression that it's mostly men who cheat on their ... marriage and sex therapist and author of How Could You Do This to Me ...

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Infidelity Statistics - Truth About Deception


Given the secretive nature of infidelity, exact figures about cheating and ... the United States) will engage in infidelity at some point during their marriage (see Buss ... all marriages end in divorce (people are more likely to stray as relationships fall ... Pragmatically, loving more than one person is difficult to do ( see polyamor...

Why Women Cheat: Emotional & Physical Reasons - WebMD


Why Women Cheat. Most women have affairs for very different reasons than men. ... a few years ago, she had no friends close by and was alone frequently while her husband worked long hours. ... 56% of men who had affairs were happy in their marriage. .... WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Why People Cheat in Relationships - Mark Manson


Apr 23, 2015 ... But here's the reason why people do it anyway… ... Genghis Khan married his wife when he was 16 and together they had four kids. .... months loafing around on your couch while you tirelessly send out their resume for them.