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Street racing is an unsanctioned and illegal form of motor racing that occurs on a public road. ... However, street racing competition can lead to more people racing on a given road than would ordin...

Why I Quit Street Racing, and Why Some People Won't - Road & Track


Jul 16, 2015 ... Maybe they watched a movie that glorifies street racing. Maybe they have friends who do it. Or maybe they are simply listening to a voice within ...

Center for Problem-Oriented Policing | Problem Guides | Street Racing


The guide begins by describing the problem of street racing and reviewing ..... Do people want street racing stopped or merely controlled in a legal setting?

Should street racing be legalized? | Debate.org


Street racing is a fun thing that people like to do and what is the problem with showing you have guts people need to realize that people do get hurt but they ...

More than 60 people witnessed fatal L.A. street race; driver identified ...


Feb 26, 2015 ... More than 60 people gathered to watch an illegal street race in Chatsworth early Thursday that turned deadly when a "very powerful" Ford ...

Street Racing: What do you think? - Oppositelock - Kinja


Sep 15, 2013 ... Street racing is the vice of 18 year olds everywhere. ... These are people that have not been driving for 5 minutes, but for a number of years, and ...

Real life 'Fast & Furious': Hong Kong's secret underground street ...


May 13, 2013 ... While illegal street racing is a global phenomenon, rife in cities from Los Angeles to Sydney and Kuala Lumpur, in Hong ... "Every day we do the same thing, the same time. ... "There are too many rich people in Hong Kong.

Street Racing - Tuned Cars and Adrenaline, Police Lights and Death


Mar 31, 2012 ... The term of street racing is still confusing for a lot of people and although it could also ... It's quite dangerous actually and nobody should do it.

Street racing News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - Jalopnik


Dubai Police Impounded 81 Cars In A High-Speed Street Racing Bust ... But sometimes it leads to hilarious divine justice for the people who try it, like this internet gem from way way back .... Watch This Freakishly Agile Dog-Bot Do the Dishes.

Two Rules for Street Racing | Street Outlaws | Discovery


Two Rules for Street Racing. 0:35. See the Real Life Fast and Furious. 0:50. Meet Murder Nova. 1:28. Meet Varley. 1:35. Tried & True vs. The All Brand New.

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Illegal Street Racing: The Real World Of The Fast And The Furious ...


I don't do drugs or any of that garbage, so racing is my high for that moment,” says ... “A lot of people view street racing as these hellions who like to race in the  ...

The underground world of Houston street racing - WJZY


Nov 4, 2015 ... Rahman said as long as people have cars, street racing will never stop ... do is illegal, that not many people get hurt or die from what they do.

Why do people condemn street racing as dangerous but not canyon ...


Oct 7, 2015 ... Say "street racing" on any car forum and you'll (rightly) get attacked. But say " spirited driving in the twisties" or "canyon carving" and it's all good.