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Foot odor


Foot odor (or foot odour) is a type of body odor that affects the feet of humans and is generally ... Sweat itself is odorless, but it creates a beneficial environment for certain ... Socks generall...

How can I get my feet, socks and shoes as smelly as possible? - Quora


I'm curious which smells your friend is attracted to. The scent of some cheeses is caused by ... He likes smelly feet which is why I want to know how I can get my feet, socks and shoes as smelly as possible. I also want ... Wearing sneakers without socks quickly develops a good, natural scent for many young guys. Boat shoes .....

Why Don't Womens Feet Smell, Like Mens Do? - Find Answers to ...


May be some women have more feet smell than some men, but women's feet .... Why do women have 'International Womens Day' when guys don't even get an ...

Why Do Feet Stink? - KidsHealth


Oooh, boy — your feet have been in those sneakers a long time! ... If you've ever smelled a rotten egg, you know what volatile sulfur compounds smell like.

Why do some boys like to smell girls' armpit - Answers.com


It's what you call a fetish. It starts from seeing something or accidently running upon armpits ... Why do some boys like to smell boys and girls big feet? It depends ...

​Mind-Blowing Facts Men Don't Know About Women Is Blowing My ...


Aug 22, 2014 ... Some of them are highly dubious to me, unless we are talking about teenage boys who have about as much knowledge of women as they do mixing a proper cocktail. ... Brink wants you to know that vaginas smell like a lot of different stuff: ... feet away can smell it (or maybe you do because that's your thing!

Why do men like to smell women's feet - Answers.com


I think men the like the smell of women's feet is because men are attracted to the natural sweaty smell of a woman's feet and ... Like anything else of a sexual nature, some men enjoy it. ... If u like girls also no,but if u like boys and their feet yes.

Why Do My Feet Smell 10 Times Worse After Wearing Flats? - xoVain


May 13, 2013 ... And as I was immediately beating myself up for saying it, some girl said, “Oh ... Sometimes I don't feel like taking a full shower, so I'll just let my feet dangle in ... However, the problem persists again the next day because I can't do ANYTHING to make my actual shoes smell better. ... So what do you guys...

Why Do Guys like to smell a girls...? | Yahoo Answers


Apr 24, 2013 ... I get the whole pheromone thing but describe what it smells like to YOU. ... it clean. use some scented bubble bath...whatever you need to do to keep it .... Plenty of guys like smelling girls feet; but are there any girls here that ...

Poll: Do girls smell worse than guys? | Yahoo Answers


Mar 4, 2009 ... Do girls feet smell at all? ... Our feet sweat just like yours... esp, we wear some shoes without socks or tights ... Some girls do and some boys do.

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Is It True that boys like to smell the good smell of girls hair and they ...


Sep 1, 2015 ... Smell, scent, fragrance and everything else that is called to be percieved by our ... Does every girl smell good? Why do boy's feet smell worse than girl's feet? ... yep and a little lavender candle would do wonders in ur bedroom!!! 145 Views ... Why do some people like the smell of gasoline? Which detergents ...

Why are some men attracted to women's feet? - Christine Milrod


Feb 2, 2010 ... I find myself being more and more attracted to women's feet. ... than bone – elbows don't seem to be particularly “sexy” for men, do they? ... In addition, there is also the smell – yes, I know, some of you will be grossed out by sweaty feet – but ... Some men like for women to walk on them with spike heels; yes,...

Scent of a Man: Women Can Sniff Out a Hot Guy - Live Science


Apr 17, 2013 ... Men with high testosterone levels may give off subtle odor cues to ladies.