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Discipline is required in the police force to ensure that the officers don't become consumed with power ... Do police officers have a quota of traffic tickets to write?

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One of the primary measures of the level of discipline within the police force is the ... discipline will prevail and the need for punitive discipline will be lessened.

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concerning discipline will apply equally well to men in the Armed Forces, an industrial plant, a .... duty will we have a real test of his aptitude for police work. Few.

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for information about the discipline code and police moral, please click here ... It is one thing to be punished for a 'crime' you have committed, it is quite another to ... But make a complaint against a senior officer, even a sergeant, and see how ...

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The vast majority of police officers in this country do their job honestly and with ... ensuring that, where the public have concerns about their contact with the ...

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and ethical behavior expected of a police officer. • Training. Officers must have the skills and knowledge to effectively do their jobs. High- quality, entry-level, field ...

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If officers do anything that truly deserve punishment, then they should be subject to ... Police supervisors have an added inducement to the punishment mentality.

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This policy procedure outlines how officers will be treated while an enquiry is being ... process or discipline proceedings have been finalised. The fact that you  ...

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that control which he must have inviolate if he is to maintain a well- disciplined force. The commissioner may make assignments or promotions over the head of  ...

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Do you think MOST POLICE OFFICERS IN YOUR AGENCY would .... Systems of discipline in law enforcement have been a source of controversy for many.

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Because simply without it, cops are nothing more than government thugs with badges and guns. I don't know what else there is to say about that. Of course, there are ...

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How police officers are disciplined for acts of misconduct affects how the ... discovering that its officers have committed acts of misconduct will eventually lose its ...

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Oct 12, 2008 ... However, running afoul of your department's ethical code can have as .... A married female police officer was disciplined for having an affair ...