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Because simply without it, cops are nothing more than government thugs with badges and guns. I don't know what else there is to say about that. Of course, th...

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tical police officer has said, "A disciplined patrolman possesses that inde- ... *The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily .... departments have proven very useful in maintaining discipline and build-.

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One of the primary measures of the level of discipline within the police force is the orderliness ... Failure to do so will disrupt smooth operations. ... Iannone stated, " An organization may be considered to have been brought into the ideal state ...

Bad cops to good cops: Constructive alternatives in police discipline


Jun 27, 2006 ... The basic message is: Law enforcement discipline rarely has to be .... S: Well, I need you to do more than try, because the situation does have ...

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Traditionally, law enforcement has been long on discipline and short on remediation. .... Generally, repeated misconduct does not have to be of the same type or ...

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Do you think MOST POLICE OFFICERS IN YOUR AGENCY would .... Systems of discipline in law enforcement have been a source of controversy for many.

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Oct 12, 2008 ... Bad cops to good cops: Constructive alternatives in police discipline .... Many proponents of the ethics curriculum in policing have argued for values-based training in .... How can civilians best support their local cops? We're in ...

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Police Board Disciplinary Matters. ... Independent Police Review Authority and the Superintendent of Police do not concur regarding discipline of a police officer.

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The vast majority of police officers in this country do their job honestly and with ... ensuring that, where the public have concerns about their contact with the ...

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Discipline is used not so much to ensure conformity but for aspiring officers and ... than be convicted by a UK officer, than have the Uk officer seen as successful. ... an underhand manner to their fellow officers, what chance do the public serve?

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Discipline is required in the police force to ensure that the officers don't become consumed with ... How does a police officer know the price of a traffic violation? A : Each state has its own set of base fine amounts for traffic violations, prescribed ...

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How police officers are disciplined for acts of misconduct affects how the ... when discovering that its officers have committed acts of misconduct will eventually lose its ... That seems like a simple enough task: just do the right thing, officer and  ...

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Introduction. Police disciplinary procedures have long been a ... Police officers and their unions generally feel discipline is arbitrary and fails to meet the fundamental requirements of .... messages to employees, as do formalized departmental ...