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Light bounces off wet streets very nicely, especially at night. ... fire department or city cleaning department to do the wet down for you. ..... film "Singing in the rain" so I can see how they deal with wet streets for another reason.

In many movies and TV scenes streets are wet down when it's not ...


Thanks for the A 2 A, I like the other answers provided as they give the simple answer to your ... Why do movies always show wet floors in night scenes?

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It would be interesting if anyone knows when, wetting the streets got started. ... When the crew prepares for a 'wetdown' what do they use?

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Mar 22, 2011 ... Why do film crews wet streets for night scenes in the city? ... And as for the window screens, they catch light, especially during night shots.

Why do they always wet the sidewalks and streets for film shoots ...


I never understood this, whether it's daytime or night time, does the ... I believe it's more for cleanliness. They clean the streets that they want to ...

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I'm hard pressed to find a movie where this is not the case. (Low budget excluded ) I'm assuming they hose down the streets before the shoot but why? Do wet streets add more of a nighttime feeling? The thing that strikes me is ...

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May 19, 2015 ... The driveway always looks wet because they spray it with a hose. ... and though it's been re-covered twice, I haven't had to do any work to the ...



Jan 27, 2009 ... When we arrived and told them we were big fans of the show, they ... are often wetted down prior to a film shoot – for some reason, wet streets look better on ... That was just such a nice thing to do, we couldn't even believe it!!!

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Oct 27, 2015 ... Why are movie streets always wet? The simple answer is it's ... How do they achieve such realistic sound effects? The magic of sound effects go ...

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Apr 22, 2015 ... Answer 2: The roads are never wet in movies. ... Answer 3: Do you remember the old canard frequently attributed to superstitious folks back in the old days? ... They're on such low budgets that the appropriate number of ...