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Why do your toes curl when your foot is tickled - Answers


Why does your toes curl when the foot is tickled? because your feet and your toes are connetced to the same muscle and when the foot is tickled the toes ...

Tools for Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis - For Dummies


To do this test, the doctor runs a blunt instrument down the side of your foot from ... is to curl your toes (as generally happens whenever a person's foot is tickled).

Why Feet Are Ticklish | LIVESTRONG.COM


Aug 16, 2013 ... Lightly trailing a feather or a finger over the instep of someone's foot ... The pain and pleasure of having your feet tickled is linked to these pain and touch nerve tracts. ... Social behavior might have a lot to do with gargalesis.

Do your toes move by themselves causing spasms?? - Multiple ...


At 1st my Big Toe would move out sideways from the rest of my toes & then the .... years has noticed my feet will twist on to there outside edges, foot curled and the .... load of pills each of them was making her take, that tickled my funny bone.

Medical Information | Missouri Podiatric Medical Association


Missouri Podiatry Medical Association - foot doctors of missouri is located in Jefferson City, Missouri and has been serving the needs ... Diabetes and Your Feet.

Curling Toes Under - Circle of Moms


Jan 9, 2010 ... Curling toes under - My daughter (34 weeker) passed her NICU followup evaluation this ... She doesn't always do this when you stand her up, but did for that day. ... Maybe our daughters just have sensitive (or even ticklish) feet and it's triggering this reflex? ... Is your daughter 7 months actual or adjusted?

Why Does My Foot Cramp Up and Leave Me in Agony? -- The Cut


Oct 26, 2015 ... Not the kind of toe-curling you'd prefer. ... Even a pinched nerve in your back or neck could cause cramps in ... Hope your feet aren't ticklish!

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Apr 16, 2012 ... how to use the tens unit for your toes and the soles of you feet, and how it works. ... i was hoping you were ticklish lol. Read more ... Where do I place the pads if I want my foot to lift (with my heel still planted on the ground)?.

Researchers discover why we laugh when tickled - and the answer ...


May 27, 2013 ... This also explains why you can not tickle yourself - your brain is aware .... I hate being tickled, it makes me so angry that I cry, I also can't stand my feet being touched ... They always seem so surprised when they tickle me and I do what I .... matching trousers as she rocks wild boho curls at nightclub launch ...

10 Things That Are (Almost) Impossible To Do With Your Body ...


Mar 12, 2008 ... Here is a list of things that are impossible to do with your body, and the few ... But if you bend it to touch your palm, lifting the ring finger becomes ..... tickle myself.. on the feet and the tongue one. not fun when your foot itches.

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Why Are Your Feet So Ticklish? | Wonderopolis


Nov 15, 2014 ... Along with your underarms, your feet are two of the most ticklish ... This might also explain why some people do not like their feet being tickled!

Reflexology Foot Massage Technique with a Foot massage Chart


Feet are usually very ticklish and therefore great care must given in avoiding ... Start your foot massage by massaging all of the nooks and crannies around the ankles. ... Twist the toe left and right, and then pull down, curling the toe down and in ... Do this starting with the big toes and then repeating with the next toe, and ...

Understanding the Plantar Reflex (or Babinski Sign) - The EMT Spot


Jun 27, 2012 ... But how do we check motor function when the patient can't or won't ... If you're ticklish on the bottom of your feet, you're familiar with the Plantar ...