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Darryl Mathias Philbin is a fictional character from the US television series The Office, played by .... In Season 4, it is revealed that he is actually divorced and does not have ... he notes bemus...

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iCarly.com has GAMES, VIDEOS, BLOGS, and PHOTOS of Carly, Sam, ... A fan wants to know why iCarly is so dang stupid. ... We have a new sports anchor.

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Jul 18, 2009 ... We at iCarly believe that EVERYONE should be tickled with a RANDOM object once in their life. So we're doin' it to Spencer. Let's see if he can guess ... Rating is available when the video has been rented. This feature is not ...

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Carly lends Sam her clothes and feeds Sam more than her mother does, as shown .... Sam trades lockers several times so she can have a locker closer to Carly's. ... Sam tickles Carly while watching a video of a boy who enjoys tickling himself.

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Carly finally agrees to the offer once her dad adds that there will be a lot of ... iCarly gang does a special webcast, during which they explain that the show will be put ... Ryder got into a fight, so Socko won't be giving his cousin the motorcycle. ... "iCarly.com" replaced with "iGoodbye" at the start of the ...

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Many plot lines on iCarly consist of Spencer helping Carly and her friends, or Carly helping out Spencer. ... Carly thinks Spencer's video camera squirrel sculpture is cute. Spencer .... Carly tries to cheer her brother up by tickling his sides. Carly and ..... Spencer, however, assures her that he does have well sculpted muscles.

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Dan Schneider, the creator of iCarly, had put out many hints that Sam and Freddie .... Sam had kissed him, just shocked, and was hinting that he does have feelings for her. .... While the trio is watching the dance videos, Freddie agrees with Carly, and Sam says, .... Freddie asks Sam why she's so obsessed with fat priests.

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Spencer: You know, most guys have to get married to suffer this kind of abuse. ... [ Freddie pins Carly to the ground so she cannot go and talk to Sam]: Carly: Whoa! ... [After Austin changes the subject several times]: Carly: SHUT UP! .... (she does and takes a bite of it) Seems kinda weird, because the french fry's all salty, and ...

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Soon enough, the site is filled with so many video files for them to review that it starts to go to their heads. ... But during a rehearsal, Jake is found to be a horrible singer, and Carly has to struggle .... Kid Tickling Himself (as Christopher Fisher).

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Nov 20, 2010 ... Of course, much like episodes of Outsourced, not many TV Club writers are sitting around watching iCarly on a weekly basis, so I got tapped for ... iCarly has all the building blocks of a class kids or tween hit—laugh ... What iCarly does better, though, and what Nickelodeon shows in ... Walker Stalker video ...

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Jul 18, 2009 ... video icon. Freddie and Sam torturing Spencer on iCarly. 1:22. TheNataliekress ... video icon. iCarly - Why are ya'll so dang stupid? 2:09.

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When Spencer shows his completed sculpture on iCarly, it takes so much power to ... in a later episode, when Sam says the limo they get into would be perfect for him. ... The video of the iCarly viewer tickling himself is a put-on, because it is ...

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iBattle Chip is the sixth episode of Season 5 of iCarly. ... They get Freddie to fix it for Gibby and surprise him before he comes to the loft, ... so Spencer throws the phaser into the hallway causing Chip and his friend's plan to ... the gang cuts to a pre-recorded video of Carly and Sam doing gymnastics. .... Who's tickling m...