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Dec 3, 2014 ... I did not notice I did this until my SO pointed it out. .... with it, I think the bellybutton is some kind of unconscious replacement or something.

Don't Say The T-Word


When someone is helpless, there is no escape from the two fingers…they can ... All you can hear, besides your own laughter, is the chuckling of your captor. ... Twirling designs across your navel, as your ticklish torso is powerless against just ... That said, your 'Ler tackles you (gently tho) and starts tickling the crap out of y...



Turn around and put your finger on your nose. Flap your arms ... 1 little daffodil had nothing much to do. Out popped .... This is Lisa's belly button. Round and .... 1 step, 2 steps tickle you under there! Round and ... Swirling, twirling on their way ,.

The Stimming Checklist | there's a flap for that


... Bite the inside of my lips to the point of drawing blood Bite the inside of my mouth Bite ... Brush surfaces with my fingers Bury my face in my husband's belly and make ... Do twirls Do webdesign Do weird dances that often involve spinning Do ... with my short beard Fiddle with stim toys Fiddle with the button on the sleeve of ...



Now be honest, can't you feel your Death sitting up there in the future, patiently waiting? ... Now suddenly LEAP INTO THE AIR and touch your victim with your finger at the same ... Just cross your eyes at somebody so everything becomes doubled, then stare at just ..... Perhaps put paperclips in mouth, both ears, bellybutton.

My fluffy SPN One-Shot Collection Chapter 1: No more pranks ...


Mar 21, 2015 ... I will post my non-tickling, more serious, stories still seperate. .... "I know how mean he can be when he pranks someone Sam. .... Well, that was before the evil feather slipped inside his belly button… ... both feathers inside his ears, twirling them between his fingers as well and Sam, who still tickled his nave...

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Along came a bunny, and what do you suppose? That hungry little ... Turn around and put your finger on your nose. Flap your ... Their heart were very sad, (point to heart; make sad face.) For they .... This is Lisa's belly button. Round and .... 1 step , 2 steps tickle you under there! Round and ... Swirling, twirling on their way,.

Kundalini Rising & the Rewiring Process – TRANSITIONS


Feb 21, 2011 ... Your mileage will vary at this late date within the Ascension Process so don't panic. ... in your trunk—and you're guts, your belly, your heart, your brain/mind and so on. ... There's many more kundalini symptoms but this would become so ... It often causes a sense or feel of twirling or rotating, spinning a...

Sensory Sensitivities with Autism


I hear people talking outside the school building, and I can understand their ... Finger fiddling in front of eyes, spinning objects, fascination with fans or other .... Ayres and Tickle (9) studied a group of autistic children. ..... P-38 Pushups -Lie down on your stomach with your body in a straight line and your hands flat on the fl...

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Rickety Crickety. Riding on My Pony. Bounce Me. Body Awareness. Fingers ... Clap, Clap, Clap Your Hands .... Let's All Twirl ... Higgelty, wiggelty, bumblebee who can say their name for me? .... This is baby's belly button, .... You'll be sure to get a giggle if you end with a gentle tickle. ..... Somebody feed this baby ple...

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“Our Favourite Interactive Rhymes, Finger Wiggles, Bounces and ...


rhymes in French, finger wiggles, action songs, bounces and tickles which promote literacy ... Children and educators will have fun while .... *Touch child's belly button. *Circle child's belly button with your finger ... *Twirl baby's hair around your finger ... toes or someone else's toes ... There's a Caterpillar ...

Poll: what purposeless tactile sensation are you into? [Archive ...


But I've been twirling since I've had hair and there ain't no stopping me! ... blanket bindings between my fingers and toes, hooked under my fingernails, etc etc. ... Y' know, I'm actually relieved that someone else does this. ... I have this spot located about a foot or so below my belly button that when touched a ...

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rhymes in French, finger wiggles, acTion songs, bounces and Tickles which ... Children and educaTors will have fun while .... *Touch child's belly buTTon. * Circle child's belly buTTon wiTh your finger ... *Twirl baby's hair around your finger ... Toes or someone else's Toes ... There's a CaTerpillar Crawling on The ...