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Why does my car sputter when I hit the gas? | Reference.com


If a car is sputtering when you try to accelerate, this indicates that it is time for a tune-up. A full tune-up of the engine is in order, rather than only swapping out the  ...

What causes a car to sputter when giving it gas even though it runs ...


If a vehicle sputters even when giving it gas, it is possible that the fuel filter is clogged or the fuel pump is ... Why would a Honda not start after running out of gas?

Why would a car stutter when accelerating? | Reference.com


A faulty throttle sensor is another common cause of a car stutter. When the driver presses the gas pedal, a malfunctioning throttle sensor doesn't send ...

What causes a car to jerk when accelerating? | Reference.com


What would cause a fuel-injected car to stall when you it give gas? What causes a car to jerk ... Why would a car hesitate or stall when going uphill? A: A car can ...

Engine is sputtering Inspection Service & Cost | YourMechanic Repair


How much does Engine is sputtering Inspection cost? ... An engine running out of gas will definitely sputter but if the gas gauge indicates full, the .... showing up early on my day of appointment, he didn't just fix my car, he showed professional  ...

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Apr 1, 2012 ... why is my car sputtering. smoknrubber .... Honda Civic: Why Does My Car Jerk When Accelerating and Decelerating? - Duration: 3:06.

Pontiac Grand Prix Questions - Engine power loss and sputtering ...


Mar 6, 2007 ... The car also sputters and rpm begins to fluctuate while driving. .... I too like tinkering with my cars ( a Seville and an Outback) but did not know the .... then the car trys to shut down I have to put it in park an hit the gas to keep it ...

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Apr 5, 2011 ... it does not sputter or misfire but there is delay in taking the pick up ... This sound like what my car did when the mass air flow sensor was on it's last leg. First ...... When I hit the gas pedal my rpm will not rise and car won't move.

Car "sputters" wont climb when accelerating, not showing up on ...


Mar 22, 2010 ... I Bought My Maxima About Two Years Ago. ... I Can Floor The Gas Pedal And The Car Will Not Accelerate And Sometimes Slows Down. ... into the engine compartment and start moving wires and harnesses around to see if he might hit the right spot. ... It only does this at intervals and is not consistant.

engine - Sputtering while driving & idling - Motor Vehicle ...


Dec 20, 2012 ... The EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) recirculates gases back through the engine ... If you're engine is quite efficient anyway, removing the EGR will do more good than harm. ... My car was sputtering, somewhat intermittently.