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Why Does My CatPull Her Hair Out? - Vetstreet


May 6, 2015 ... If your cat is pulling out her fur, she most likely has a medical issue. For most cats, grooming is near the top of their daily to-do list. In fact, cats ...

How to Stop a Cat from Pulling Its Hair Out: 10 Steps


Mar 23, 2015 ... Do not spray aerosols near the cat, stop using scented candles (the odor clings to fur and can .... How do I get my cat to quit pulling his fur out?

What Causes a Cat to Pull Out Its Fur & What You Can Do to Stop It ...


Some cats take grooming too far and pull their own hair out due to stress. Fastidiously clean, cats .... Why Does My Cat Pull His Hair Out? What Are the Causes ...

Pat Brody Shelter for Cats: Answers to Common Behavioral Questions


My cat Missy has been pulling out her hair on her hind quarters. I have taken her to two different Vets and they can not seem to do anything that will stop her ...

Help! My Cat Is Pulling His Own Hair! | Petcha


My Cat Is Pulling His Own Hair! ... Find out the underlying causes of cat hair loss. ... Cats who pull, chew, or excessively groom their fur do this despite the fact ...

Why do cats pull out clumps of their fur? | Reference.com


Cats do groom themselves, but not to the extent that their fur falls out in... ... Why is my cat vomiting clear liquid? ... Before assuming that a cat is pulling out his or her hair compulsively, an owner should take the cat to the veterinarian's office so  ...

Skin & Coat Problems in Cats | Little Big Cat


Nov 17, 2010 ... Far and away the most common reason for cats to pull out their hair, especially ... Your vet will do a skin scraping and put it under the microscope to check for ... I once examined a cat who had suddenly started licking at one particular spot on her right side. .... Why Did My Cat Pee Outside the Litterbox?

Cat ripping out fur - Cats - MedHelp


Oct 14, 2011 ... Recently my cat has been ripping out his fur a LOT more than normal. ... him from reaching the spots he was pulling the fur out for a few weeks. .... and I do still have to give her 1/4 tablet of Zyrtec when her allergies bother her ...

Cat Compulsive Disorders Explained by Harvard Cat Expert


Cat compulsive behaviors solved by award winning certified consultant, lecturer, ... why does my cat bite me ... More commonly, cats may groom excessively or pull out their own fur, which is called ... A cat gets frustrated for the same reasons you do. ... out a window, and he wants to attack the cat walking across his territory .

What Causes Cats to Pull Out Their Fur? - Kirkwood, MO Patch


Nov 11, 2011 ... ... 5-year-old cat who recently started pulling out his fur. He's done this in the past, but not as severely as he is now. What causes cats to do this ...