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HFC's in Spray Paint is considered a solvent. ... It was often used to clean ( dissolve) styrene based spray on insulation in homes. ... What does this all mean ? ... styrofoam and the like are eaten by the paint, not the propellant.


Yes you can use use but, regular spray paint will melt the foam. Here are four options for ... In fact, I'd do a bit of testing with different brands before investing my  ...


Because most spray paints have a solvent or propellant in them that reacts badly to the foam. If you want to determine whether it is the solvent ...


4 days ago ... Regular spray paint on Styrofoam causes the foam to actually "melt", ... Since Styrofoam has holes in it, paint does not just slide on smoothly.

Jun 22, 2012 ... Spraying from a distance has nothing to do with the temperature of the paint, it's the solvents that melt the foam. No matter the distance from the ...


My most frequently asked question is, How do I paint a foam centerpiece for a birthday? - Can I just Spray Paint them? NO! Regular spray paint will melt the foam ...


What is a little more difficult for many is painting Styrofoam or Builder's Foam, which can come ... This can damage or even dissolve the object. ... will immediately turn to options such as spray paint to paint their Styrofoam or Builder's Foam.


serten acies in side of spray paint can melt styrofoam.


Solvent based paints, spray paints and many other types of paint will melt the ... with painting Styrofoam is getting the paint to fully cover the Styrofoam, as it does  ...