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Checking Transmission Fluid - Driver Safety Tips


It's important to never over fill your transmission with ATF. If it gets up to the gears when they are moving, the fluid will get whipped into a foam, a little like what ...

Can Too Much Transmission Fluid Hurt a Vehicle? | DoItYourself.com


Your transmission fluid is important for the smooth running of your automatic ... If you overfill the transmission, you will find that the fluid may foam, and that can ...

Overfilling an automatic transmission... - Engineering - Science ...


Excessive fluid level in an automatic transmission is warned against. ... (until my present vehicle), and I've never heard about the foaming. ... Overfilling your transmission can cause early failure of parts due to excess pressure.

Manual transmission Oil Change - Instructables


Gear oil (most likely 75-90 or 80-90, check your owners manual) .... Never trust the oil that's in your vehicle as being the correct oil, unless you know the .... Also - - I agree it is important to do as I just bought this tranny brand new after 160k ... in to the tranny do not worry about overfilling the tranny once it starts comin...

Tuneups and Oil Changes Providence, RI


If you don't know where is the engine oil dipstick, check your owner's manual, usually it has a ... that you never have to change it - check what's your car owner's manual says. ... It's very important to use only specified transmission fluid - check your owners ... Do not overfill, it also may cause problems with yo...

Preventive Maintenance: Fluids & Filters - AutoTap


Oil. Let's start with one of the most important fluids of all: motor oil. It not only lubricates the .... Make sure you get the correct oil filter for your engine. ... But if a transmission has a lot of miles on it and the fluid has never been changed, ... level up to the full mark-but not overfilled (which can cause the fluid to ae...

Whitwell's Service Centre | Tips & Maintenance


Tip 13: Never Try Overfilling Any Automotive Fluids - Overfilling of any ... Tip 17: Waxing of Car Is Important - Necessary for the shiny look of your car, waxing is ... Tip 36: Use Similar Transmission Fluid as Specified - It is always safer to use the  ...

tips/specials - Transmission Outlet


Your vehicle's automatic or manual transmission is one of the most important components in your automobile. ... Never overfill your transmission fluid, though.

How to Check Transmission Fluid | Denver, CO


How to check your transmission fluid, automatic transmission fluid, transmission fluid check. ... Important to review your Owners Manual before proceeding. ... to 50,000 miles, others specify it never needs to be changed (refer to Owners Manual) ... Wait a few minutes to let the fluid drain down; Re-check level; Don't overfill.

Top Five Ways to Make Your Car Run Forever - Edmunds.com


Jul 5, 2012 ... You can, however, greatly extend the life of your vehicle, while ... it and pull it out again for a quick check of your oil — the most important engine fluid. ... Start the car and after it warms up, check the transmission fluid level. .... 176,XXX miles did a tune-up COMPLETE. and never did another oil change due to ...

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Automatic Transmission Fluid - Auto Diagnosis Repair Help


If the fluid is full of bubbles or is foamy, the transmission is probably overfilled with .... So if your fluid has never been changed and your vehicle has a lot of miles ... It is important to remember to NEVER over-fill the transmission assembly and to ...

Check Engine Light and Fluid Levels: Car Maintenance 101 | GEICO


Sep 22, 2014 ... Checking fluids under the hood. Fluids play an important role in your engine and car health. ... Don't mistake it for your transmission fluid dipstick. Check your owner's ... Never overfill your oil reservoir. To add oil, you need to ...

Should you change black automatic transmission fluid? - Quora


Your transmission fluid probably turned black a long time ago, perhaps even before ... What are some problems that can arise from overfilling transmission fluid?