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Feb 25, 2008 ... In our workshop people are found of overfilling engine oil but we do not know the bad /problems we are likely to face in future..Please advise ...

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My cars engine oil level dropped so I filled my engine with engine oil again . I filled it ... burning oil. There's not much to break, except maybe the valve lining.

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Overfilling will mean the crank dips into the oil and churns it into a froth. Froth is good on certain types of coffee but not good in an engine. The mixture of aerated  ...

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Jul 20, 2013 ... Hi guys, I got my car's engine oil and filter changed by a mechanic and it ... The sump capacity, design and windage tray is not something carelessly ..... If you do go too far over the recommended amount, you can get extra ...

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If the oil is only slightly overfilled the engine will likely not have any problems, but overfilling by more than 1/2… quart or so ... Overfilling oil is not recommended.

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Local mechanics are fond of overfilling your engine with much more than recommended engine oil .What is the adverse effect of this practice.

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What effects does overfilling your engine oil have on your engine? ... I can strongly recommend not to overfill Diesel engines with oil. "Engine ..... It is not recommended though, but it is not dangerous as much as "underfilling".

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All references I've seen say not too put too much oil in the engine. ... Question is whether it's worth the effort to avoid overfilling by 0.1 quart.

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Aug 15, 2015 ... Car Talk — Adding a little too much oil to the car's engine OK, but a lot extra ... An extra half a quart of oil in your crankcase is not going to do any harm to the engine. If the crankcase were seriously overfilled — say, more than a quart ... you' ll find a list of recommended maintenance items for the 90,000-...

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May 15, 2009 ... Ever wonder what happens if you overfill your oil. ... changed the oil on my lawn tractor with the recommended 48oz (w/filter). checked the level and it is well above the "fill" .... By the way: There is nothing wrong w/Tecumseh engines. ... Top 4 Reasons NOT to Use Synthetic Oil: Part 2/7 - Duration: 9:58.
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Constantly overfilling oil in an engine will result in damage to the internal components. The oil will not circulate correctly, leaving many of the moving ...

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Aug 16, 2010 ... (They do admit to overfilling the engine with oil.) <br/> .... Since the oil will not compress this means that something is likely going to give.

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Feb 26, 2012 ... my understanding is overfilling leads to increased oil consumption, which ... You most likely will not cause damage by running only an extra quart. ... What you put too much oil in your engine, you risk frothing the oil due to the ...