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Socialization is a term used by sociologists, social psychologists, anthropologists, political .... In the final stage, stage eight or old age, people are still learning about the challenge of integ...

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It is through the process of socialization that the new born individual is ... result in a more equitable distribution of wealth, security for the people against poverty, ...

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And that sweet blue eyed guy who's got people gushing of how wonderful he is all over his instagram? Well, do you know what did the trick? It's the socializing in  ...

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It helps them to feel more comfortable when encountering new things, animals, people and experiences. Socialization is especially important during puppyhood  ...

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Describe why socialization is important for being fully human. We have just noted that socialization is how culture is learned, but socialization is also important ...

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There were no radios or televisions in the house, people spoke in hushed tones, ... The story of Genie shows the importance of socialization in human society.

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To become fully socialized, children must learn how to deal with the conflicting views and values of all of the people who are important in their lives.

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Jul 3, 2006 ... It is also important to just be with people sometimes. Socialization involves being with and a part of other people; enjoying their company, ...

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... used to illustrate the importance of socialization is ... children have been confined by people (usually ...

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Dec 8, 2011 ... Socialization is important in the process of personality formation. ... typically are gentle people who do not like violent, aggressive individuals.

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Socialization prepares people for social life by teaching them a group's shared norms, ... Describe the three goals of socialization and why each is important ...

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It is important for children to learn socialization skills in school and at home. ... and forming positive social interactions, valuing other people and their ideas, ...

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Socialization is important for children because it teaches them how to interact, talk, read and write and how to tell ... Why do people perceive things differently?