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Freemium Conversion Rate: Why Spotify Destroys ... - Process Street


Mar 29, 2016 ... “A really good conversion rate for free-to-paid is 4%, like Dropbox. ... Over 20% of Spotify's users are 13-18 years old, so to maintain high ...

What is Spotify's conversion rate from free to premium users? - Quora


March 8 2011 1m subscribers represented 15 per cent of its active user base of 6.67m people ... Why is Spotify Premium conversion rate so high?

Spotify is converting more people into paying subscribers than ever ...


Jan 31, 2016 ... In addition, should these investors so wish, Ek has promised them the chance ... 99m, and therefore its premium conversion rate is slightly higher than 28.3%. ... Here's why that 28.3% conversion rate really matters: from 2012 ... which in the US gave customers three months of premium Spotify for just $0.99.

Spotify now has 60m users including 15m paying subscribers ...


Jan 12, 2015 ... ... has added 10m new users in two months despite its high-profile dispute over ... The company has maintained its conversion rate of 25% of its users paying ... The latter figure related to the amount of royalties paid out by Spotify since .... EK seems to like Astral Weeks (and that shirt) so much that he can be ...

The Product Strategy Fueling Spotify's Growth To 60 Million Users ...


Jan 13, 2015 ... Spotify's up and up trajectory boasts one of the highest free to paid ... So while Swift may be hauling in more revenue for herself with her strategic move to ... With its strong 25% conversion rate, Spotify is focused on increasing ...

Why Spotify's freemium conversion rate destroys Dropbox by 667 ...


Apr 4, 2016 ... Come across any other products with such a crazy high conversion rate? ... it's like the first paid tier is so much space that you'll never use it up.

The End Of Freemium For Spotify? | Music Industry Blog


Jul 7, 2016 ... 'Leaked' Spotify numbers emerged today indicating that the ... That might sound high but it actually represents a 79% conversion ratio, ... Meanwhile Spotify's total user base is 100 million which means the free-to-paid ratio is 37%. So price promos are converting at more than double the rate of freemium.

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Spotify, for example, have converted a massive 25% of their free accounts to premium. ... Evernote, for example, convert just 0.5% of free users to premium in their first month. ... In high churn businesses, you have to play things a bit differently. ... If a user signs up to Netflix and watches and rates a few shows during their 30 ...

Evernote CEO Shares The Numbers that Makes Freemium Work ...


Anyone with an idea of why the monthly expenses would be so high, and why ... I' m surprised at the low amount per active premium user, my numbers are much ... but the point remains that it really doesn't take a high conversion rate to get a ... Heh, except Spotify is good enough that most people should be paying for it.. g ...

Making “Freemium” Work - Harvard Business Review


Freemium companies typically see the share of paid subscriptions (and therefore ... few subscribers as a result, so in 2012 it cut the number of free monthly articles to 10. ... But, less obviously, a very high conversion rate isn't necessarily good.

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Why is Spotify Premium conversion rate so high? - Quora


It's the freemium model applied flawlessly. Users may access the service on their computers, ... What is Spotify's conversion rate from free to premium users?

Freemium Conversion Rate: Why Spotify Destroys Dropbox by 667%


Mar 29, 2016 ... “A really good conversion rate for free-to-paid is 4%, like Dropbox. ... Over 20% of Spotify's users are 13-18 years old, so to maintain high ...

8 Ways to Increase Paid Subscription Conversion Rates - FunnelEnvy


Jan 28, 2014 ... Increasing paid subscription or membership conversion rates means more traffic and ... or member can be long and complex and often has a high churn rate. ... So it's important to focus on getting the right new users to sign up. ... Neil Patel's article on how Spotify gets paying subscribers is a great resource.