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Archaeology, or archeology, is the study of human activity through the recovery and analysis of ... Archaeology is particularly important for learning about prehistoric societies, for whom there may be no written records to study. ..... Volunteers work with professional USFS archaeologists and historians on national forests ...


Sep 2, 2013 ... What are some important archaeological discoveries that have shaped ... archaeologists added serious perspective to what historians already ... The cultural value of archaeology is also incalculable and archaeologists work ...


Dec 10, 2013 ... Archaeology is important because it helps us learn more about .... can be a refreshing supplement to the typical historians viewpoint of the past. ... on why past civilizations have fallen and work to alter our actions accordingly.


Nov 14, 2014 ... Why is Archaeology Important - archaeology reveals information ... facts and figures as recorded by historians, archaeology reveals information ...


Archaeology is an important endeavor. Find out why archaeological pursuits are significant from an educational and economic standpoint.


Why is archaeology important? We should first .... historians and their informants are capable of both .... the purpose of the work at Walnford - to provide the.


Understanding Archaeology's Importance. The preceding ... If archaeologists are asked why their work is ..... aid historians in understanding unrecorded details.


Nov 27, 2011 ... Job of the Historian 1: Page 1/2 History is the story of the past based on surviving evidence Historians use sources of evidence to find out about ...


While all of those amazing places and fabulous objects are familiar to most of us, they're so compelling that they sometimes mask a more important and poorly ...


Dec 3, 2013 ... I agree that the foremost importance of archaeology resides in the long-term perspective. ... And for those who work in foreign countries: if we (archaeologists) ... The Institute at Princeton incorporated (and still does) historians, ...