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Regional accents of English


Any dialect of English has unique features in pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. ... Some regional accents, such as Pennsylvania Dutch English, are easily identified by certain ... show]Varieti...

Accents - LINGUIST List


Is there a standard English accent? ... one of the high prestige 'reference' accents (such as 'General American' or, less commonly, 'RP'), ... And not everyone who comes from the same place speaks the same: in any place there is a variety of accents. ... When groups become distinct, the way they speak becomes dis...

Linguistics 201: The Dialects of American English


The Great Vowel Shift of the 1500's didn't affect northern English dialects, which came ... of Great Britain, there are more dialects of English in Britain than in America, Canada, ... New York English, as a special variety of general New England speech, ... Recently, New York has given American English such terms as: Yuppie ...

English dialect study - an overview | Oxford English Dictionary


Place and upbringing Dialects and grammar Early approaches: lexis, pho. ... Such a variety could be associated with a particular place or region or, rather more ... But whether the focus is regional or social, there are two important matters that need to be ... By subscribing to the definition of 'dialect' as a distinct variety...

Received Pronunciation - British Library


Popular terms for this accent, such as 'The Queen's English', 'Oxford English' or ... The Queen, for instance, speaks an almost unique form of English, while the ... RP is probably the most widely studied and most frequently described variety of ... He chose not to include pronunciation suggestions as he felt there w...

American Dialects : Dialect map of American English - Robert's Page!


Apr 15, 2013 ... Many of the Northern dialects can trace their roots to this dialect .... One such region that is notable for the many archaic features in its ... are - used in Britain, it has also developed a large number of unique features of its own.

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Southern American English (SAE) is the most widely recognized regional dialect ... from South Carolina recognized SAE as a distinct variety of American English. ... polite (and often not so polite) condescension to their speech by non- Southerners. In spite of its low status outside of the South and of standardizing forces such ...

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I don't know of any English varieties that are truly unintelligible, at least after a bit ... to most English native speakers but not considered distinct languages (either ... what constitutes a language, dialect or simply a strong accent, hence there is ...

Canadian English - Arizona


There are also always the anecdotes of Canadians also 'sounding' halfway ... That is, Canadians can claim to speak a distinct variety of English that has the English ... time both allowed for Canadian English to diverge from other American dialects, ... Amid such testimonials is evidence that the English of Upper Canada had ...

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BBC English An incorrect reference to the accent known to linguists as Received ... There are other factors involved here such as whether two languages are ..... in a certain place, i.e. it denotes a geographically distinct variety of a language.

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Q: Why is there such a distinct variety of accents in England?
A: Facts Originally Celtic, Britain was conquered and settled by Romans. The Romans imported Sarmatians, an Indo-Iranian speaking tribe. The Romans left. The Anglo... Read More »
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Q: Why are there a much greater variety of accents in northern Engla...
A: I think maybe 200 years ago when accents and dialect were much stronger it was more difficult to travel in the north of England than the south due to natural ob... Read More »
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British Accents and Dialects | Dialect Blog


With countless accents shaped by thousands of years of history, there are few English-speaking nations with as many varieties of language in such a small space. ... in rural Yorkshire, although there are some unique dialect features there that ...

Dialect - English varieties of the British Isles


Welsh is clearly a distinct language (it is not intelligible, to speakers of any ... The lexis of dialects is perhaps their most conspicuous feature for listeners and ... of spoken English, we have good evidence that such prejudice exists - so there is ...

UK accents: it's not what you say, it's how you say it | British Council


English speakers with regional accents are often judged by how they speak, but is ... For such a small, densely populated land mass full of people sharing a common language, the UK has a huge variety of distinct regional accents, often ... All of these accents are defined geographically, yet there is one accent that seems to ...