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A thumbs-up or thumbs-down is a common hand gesture achieved by a closed fist held with the .... the thumbs up gesture is shown as an icon and is associated with the term "like"—whic...

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I believe this originated from the MSN days where users would use emoticons ( we call them emojis now) by typing in letters/symbols and it would automatically ...

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Sign UpLog In. Not Now. PhotosSee All ... Eithan DeBeeld. Remove. Eithan DeBeeld y. And ... Search. Why, man. Just. Why. Icon for Page Likes or Checkins.

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Without the spaces Thumbs up (y) = ( y ) Happy :) = : ) Really happy :D = : D Wink ;) = ; ) Happy eyes ^_^ = ^ _ ^ Laughing eyes >:O = > : O...

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To create the thumbs-up symbol on Facebook, click the area where you want the symbol. ... Your (Y) should be replaced by the blue thumbs-up emoticon.

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The MSN Messenger code that displays a "thumbs up" emoticon. ... (Y). To the guy that said it was a symbol for boobs, it's not, ( . Y . ) Is the symbol for boobs.

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Mar 31, 2015 ... The thumbs-up symbol is simple to make, regardless of the form you use. ... "Y" often represents a "yes" answer on forms and questionnaires, ...

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Jun 20, 2012 ... ... tiny Like button can now be inserted into conversations by typing (y). ... As it turns out, the tiny thumbs-up doesn't show up on Facebook for ...

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This Internet Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of (Y) is. The slang ... So now you know - (Y) means "Thumbs up (MSN)" - don't thank us. YW!

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Nov 7, 2011 ... But did you know that you can include thumb up icon in chat and private message conversations? You can do so by entering (Y) shortcut into ...