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If you can't make heads or tail of your dog's obsession with his bottom, you know it's time to further investigate the potential cause. You don't have to arm yourself ...

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oh said im just thinking too much and that all dogs nibble and lick, .... The other times my dog has been obsessed with bum/start of his tail is ...

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Oct 30, 2015 ... Is your dog biting, gnawing, or chewing at the base of her tail? ... gland issue is scooting, when he sits up and drags his butt across the ground.

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Dog chewing tail may be caused by stress, boredom, worms, fleas or tail fractures . ... You will notice that your dog is preoccupied with chewing his tail and he may be ... My dogs have chewed the upper (butt) portion of their tails due to fleas.

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Why has my dog (tiny Yorkie) suddenly started chewing on her butt? ... My vet said that little dogs tend to have more problems with this than bigger ... She could have fleas, one of fleas favorite spots is back by the tail and butt.

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My dog has itchy butt/tail too; Nthing Benadryl. ... Hard to tell without more specific information about your dog. ... the least harmful thing he could potentially get into his system should he manage to chew through the bandage.

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Oct 3, 2006 ... If he had worms wouldn't he walk on his butt? I do not ... Dogs can itch for several weeks after a flea bites them. ... dog biting top tail connects.

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May 27, 2013 ... So if your dog or cat is scratching her butt, bring a poop sample with you to ... until your cat starts licking all the fur off over her tail or between her legs, ... they will itch even more profoundly after a flea bite than a normal pet.

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Mar 1, 2015 ... A degree of tail-chasing isn't out of the ordinary for dogs: When they feel exuberant and lively, they might let off some energy by chasing their ...

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Your dog keeps licking or chewing near his rectum. ... Locate your dog's anal glands by raising his tail and using your other hand to feel for two lumps at ...