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Why Does a Dog Keep Chewing His Tail up by His Butt? | Cuteness ...


A degree of tail-chasing isn't out of the ordinary for dogs: When they feel exuberant and lively, they might let off some energy by chasing their tails. If you notice ...

What Are the Causes of Dogs Biting Bottoms? - Pets


If your dog is chomping non-stop at his bottom, it can be enough to drive both of ... Fleas often congregate under the base of a dog's tail, an area that tends to be ...

A Pain In The Rear: 5 Signs Your Dog Has “Butt Problems ...


Oct 4, 2015 ... There are glands on either side of your dog's rectum that produce a very pungent fluid. ... They tag his body and his feces as belonging to him.

my dog is biting the top of his tail by his butthole. - JustAnswer


Question - my dog is biting the top of his tail by his butthole. ... If your dog is not on a flea prevention that might also help. ... There is a small hard bump under his skin on his butt basically right on top of the butt. what is it? could that be causing it  ...

Scooting in dogs and cats - not just anal glands! - - Leo's Pet Care


Feb 15, 2016 ... So if your dog or cat is scratching her butt, bring a poop sample with you to ... until your cat starts licking all the fur off over her tail or between her legs, ... they will itch even more profoundly after a flea bite than a normal pet.

Biting at Tail - The Shiba Inu Forum


Hi, this is a video of Kunu crying / biting at his tail. ... Yep allergies can cause some fierce tail biting and licking of the butt as ... @StaticNfuzz what kind of derma tests and treatments were given to your dog to treat his allergies?

My dog keeps biting the top of his tail, where it connects to his ...


If he had worms wouldn't he walk on his butt? I do not think it is ... My dog keeps biting the top of his tail, where it connects to his back.? I don't see any .... The first thing you need to know is what kind of training you and your dog need. After that  ...

Dog wont stop itching/biting his base of tail - Bass Barn


Dog wont stop itching/biting his base of tail ... Could he be trying to itch his butt hole? ... Google pin worm symptoms in dogs to see if that fits.

About a Dog's Anal Glands - Dogs - LoveToKnow


Your dog keeps licking or chewing near his rectum. ... Locate your dog's anal glands by raising his tail and using your other hand to feel for two lumps at ..... someone poking around in your butt would you rather it was a doctor or a hairdresser?

Dog licking his genitals, dog chewing on groin - Ask Ariel


If Your Dog Is Licking and Chewing on the Groin-- Supplements And Diet ... during the night; Dog is scooting on his butt; dragging his rear-end on carpet or floor ...

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Why Does My Dog Keep Biting Her Tail and Whining? - Dogster


Oct 30, 2015 ... Is your dog biting, gnawing, or chewing at the base of her tail? ... gland issue is scooting, when he sits up and drags his butt across the ground.

Rectal Itching in Dogs - Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment ...


Scooting or rubbing his behind along the floor; Licking around the tail or anus; Scratching or biting the area around the tail or anus; Your dog may appear ...

How can I help my dog with an itchy, licky tail wound? - Chewing ...


My dog has itchy butt/tail too; Nthing Benadryl. ... Hard to tell without more specific information about your dog. ... the least harmful thing he could potentially get into his system should he manage to chew through the bandage.