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Jul 21, 2010 ... They put an iv in my left side hand top between the pinkie and ring finger, ... Sunday I started having pain and swelling on the upper arm inside ...

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IV catheters can be placed in a hand, arm or leg. ... Phlebitis occurs quite commonly after the insertion of intravenous catheters. ... If you feel a sudden sharp pain radiating along your arm as the IV is inserted, let your healthcare provider know ...

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The IV ended up in the other arm but a day or so after I got out of the hospital I ... ... What I was trying to find out was if the nerve damage in my hand due to an IV ... He will be in the best position to answer your query on how long your pain will ..... I did have one pt who experienced some nerve injury after having an arterial ...

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Jun 30, 2011 ... ... Assess the IV site and if no redness or swelling is noted, leave IV in and ... The patient complained of pain after the IV insertion and asked the nurse ... the palm of the hand can result in serious injury to the median nerve and ... venous access devices and infusion therapies in other areas in your hospital.

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If a ring is left on and you accidentally hit an artery your hand and inject into it, it will .... in reducing pain – although taking it slow after you hit the vein wall is essential. ... the vein after you've missed is less torturous than having the needle reinserted .... The entire back of my hand is swollen up to the knuckles but...

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Oct 15, 2008 ... I was kept in hospital Thursday night, and I had an IV cannula .... I hate to burst everyone's bubbles, but having a big bruise after an IV isn't really normal. ... Your vein may hurt though, because the insides can be irritated from the fluid .... just to say, mine was bruised and really painful and swollen and...

(cocaine) Strange pain and numbness in hand and arm after IV coke ...


Though most of the feeling has returned to my hand, now my whole arm aches. ... but I'd still like to know what caused it so I can avoid having it happening again. ... then the pain is almost unbearable, your limb should go numb and swollen.

(opioids) What did I do to myself? (IV missed vein,cant move ...


Did I hit a muscle, did I wreck something in my hand, The pain is so bad i am only typing ... (I think it was antibiotics) that eventually decreased the swelling and the pain. ... Can also make your whole hand numb as well. ... my arm an hand without it being extremely painful for me it went away after a week but ...

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Skin infections are not the only type of infection IV drug users have to be ... Bacteria enter your skin and within 24 hours your skin is red, swollen and hot to the touch. ... Symptoms include unintentional weight loss, fatigue, fever, chills, back pain, ... Rehabs.com is a comprehensive guide for the entire treatment process - from ...

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Nearly every habitual IV drug user develops one or more collapsed veins during ... After injecting into the same vein for weeks or months, the inside lining of the vein ... of collapsed veins are cold hands and feet due to circulation loss, sharp pain at ... When veins collapse, your body compensates for this by growing smaller, ....

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Q: Why is your whole hand swollen and in pain after having an iv.
A: Check with a doctor could have an infection. Read More »
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Or it may occur after having an intravenous (IV) line or catheter. ... To reduce discomfort and swelling, your health care provider may recommend that you:.

Pain, Inflammation and a Nodule After IV Medication


Jul 1, 2005 ... Pain, Inflammation and a Nodule After IV Medication ... She reported having a painful vein on her right forearm since an intravenous medication injection a month prior. ... On the dorsal aspect of her distal right forearm were two swollen, ... of the right hand demonstrated marked wall thickening but had good ...

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It's swollen and painful not AT the I.V. puncture site on the back of ... The vein is very prominent, much more so than the same on on my other hand or than any other I ... Having mentioned it to the hospital staff and being met with shrugs, .... If your whole arm, rather than just a small local area, is sore or you ...

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Jun 25, 2015 ... Intravenous injection or cannulation - sometimes it occurs after having injections into the veins (intravenous injections) or 'drips' (intravenous infusions) in hospital. These are commonly given in hand or arm veins. ... is higher than your hip, it helps to reduce swelling and discomfort. ... Your whole leg swe...