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because they are just like us in a way they are just the same they are frightened bylittle stuff like we are so that is why they are considered as a gentle animal.


Animals / Mammal Facts / Gorillas - Nomadic Gentle Vegetarians ... is threatening their existence and the mountain gorilla is considered an endangered species.


The gorilla is the world's largest primate. Gorillas are gentle, intelligent animals. The two species--mountain and lowland and are separated by about 600 miles.


Jun 2, 2016 ... But these highly intelligent creatures are actually quite gentle. ... when you appreciate the full strength of these animals you realize how they're ... They are considered one of two subspecies of the western gorilla, which also ...


The Eastern Gorilla is considered endangered and the Western Gorilla is considered critically ... No primate exceeds in size and magnificence to these animals.


Gentle Giants: Gorillas are usually a very gentle animal. They are rather calm ... Gorillas are closely related to humans and are considered highly intelligent.


In the past, gorilla scientific classification had one species (gorilla) that was divided into ... and genetically distinct enough to be considered two separate subspecies. ... discounted Du Chaillu's claim in the 1876 book, Thierleben ( Animal Life). ... false stereotype, resulting in misconceptions as to gorillas' true gentle nature.


Gentle giants. Ever since King Kong first gave Fay Wray that unexpected lift to the top of the Empire State Building in 1933, Hollywood has gone ape depicting ...


Despite their formidable size and strength, mountain gorillas are quite gentle and even shy. They are very social animals, but within their own tight-knit, nomadic ...