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The Indian navy has platoons of amphibious soldiers, similar to US Marines ... It is commanded by a two star marine general (noting that it does not use the ...

Marines vs soldiers: The difference and why it matters - Military


Jan 15, 2015 ... While entertaining, these are not evidence in favor of business as usual. The Army and Marines actually are blending mission sets, especially ...

Why are U.S. Army personnel called "soldiers," Navy "sailors," Air ...


Can Marines technically be called soldiers? What do soldiers or marines in the U.S. military fear the most? ... Sadly, this worn out Army mule does not know.



With righteous indignation they scream that they are Marines, not soldiers, and they decry those who call them such! And rightfully so, in some cases, where the  ...

Soldiers, marines, airmen, sailors - Grammarist


United States Marines don't like to be called soldiers. Unless you wish ... If you are not sure of the branch or rank then U.S. Service Member is appropriate to use .

Should Marines be called soldiers? (and other questions) [Archive ...


No, Marines are not soldiers. Anyone who's spent any time around both knows they are quite different. Marines are somehow more "gung ho".

Ask a Soldier : Army vs. Marine Corps


That is the difference with the Army and Marines. Army recruiters have a bigger quota to fill, which means you get a lot of water! It is not to say ...

why do marines hate being called a soldier? | Yahoo Answers


Jun 7, 2008 ... Best Answer: Because Marines are Marines. The Army are soldiers, the Navy are sailors, and the Air Force are airmen. They're not soldiers, ...

Ask a Soldier : Army vs. Marine Corps


This isn`t to say to Army doesn`t, but when you think of the Marines, that`s ... I knw that really, it`s not about what the military can offer me, but ...

Marines, Not Soldiers - Free Republic


Apr 11, 2002 ... Marines are not soldiers; they are Marines and always will be. There is no such thing as an ex-Marine or a former Marine. We are all ``Marines ...

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Q: Why marines are marines not soldiers?
A: Richard is a moron. Same reason why those in the Air Force or navy are not soldiers. Soldier is a term that applies to those in the army. Sailor applies to navy... Read More »
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Q: Why is a Marine just called a Marine and not soldier like someone...
A: The name Marine came from the US Read More »
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Q: Christmas Gifts for Marine Soldiers.
A: Many marines who have been deployed are not able to get their favorite snacks and items. Put together a gift basket for a marine containing her favorite potato ... Read More »
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Q: Marine Items & Soldier Gifts.
A: For many men and women in the armed forces, wearing military gear is a way to show pride in their corps. Consider buying a sweatshirt with their military field ... Read More »
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Q: Why aren't the Marine Corp guarding the Tomb of the Unknown soldi...
A: marines used to participate in the guarding of the tomb of the unknown soldier but one the marine that guarded the tomb shamfully discraced his service by getti... Read More »
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